NEW Gatekeeper Integration with John Deere

NEW Integration “a real turning point” 

Andrew Wolff, Arable Product Manager, Farmplan

In 2006, Gatekeeper boasted the only UK software with integration to the John Deere GS2 2100/2600 controllers. Since then, the two companies have launched a raft of successful collaborations with John Deere’s later in-cab controllers and online offerings.

Now, Gatekeeper will once again spearhead the industry, as it launches the integration with My John Deere’s work planning module this month.

The move will see Gatekeeper showcase its versatility again, as it will become the first software provider in the UK to integrate with John Deere’s Operation Centre Work Planning API, which allows the export of work plans.

Andrew Wolff, Arable Product Manager at Farmplan, says of the development: “Now, users in Gatekeeper can add, amend and pass on Gatekeeper work plans wirelessly to the My John Deere system.”

“This completely streamlines the workflow process, from recommendations to work plans and having it checked by operators in My John Deere before then sending it to the cabs – it’s a real turning point.”

But even beyond ease of use and time saved, Andrew says there are huge operational advantages: “Work plans issued from the office can now be modified on the fly by operators dealing with the ever-changing working environment, and that’s going to change the entire system for the better – I’m looking forward to seeing the positive difference this will make to every step of the process.”

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The Data & Tech Series continues with two live webinars showcasing integration with ACGO and John Deere technology

The Data & Tech Series is proving a popular must see for those interested in making the most out of on-farm technology coupled with Farmplan software. In our latest sessions we’ve uncovered the value that users can derive from captured data in the lead up to harvest.

Working alongside our partners from AGCO and Tuckwells Group, we held two webinars and welcomed around 70 delegates.

Each session was hosted by our very own Adam Joslin and Ben Hatton who manage our sales and training operation for Farmplan, in conjunction with representatives from AGCO, Ben Bell, Technologies Product Engineer and Tuckwells Group, Adrian Fullman, Kris Romney and George Whelan alongside Kris Grzelak Farm Manager from Suffolk.

During each session the team discussed how you can get the basics right in preparation for a successful digital harvest, how yield data is captured and then used plus some handy hints and tips for getting the most out of the integration between Gatekeeper software and incab devices or data transfers.

For a limited time only we’re offering Precision Farming Bundle deals to help you get ahead with harvest preparation, visit our Data & Tech page to find out more or call our sales team on 01594 545000.

If you’d like to watch the recordings from each session, simply click on the links below.

For the John Deere/Tuckwells and Gatekeeper session click here

For the AGCO & Gatekeeper session click here