Gatekeeper Cloud Ireland

We’ve incorporated feedback from thousands of growers, agronomists and industry partners to develop the UK’s simplest, cloud-based crop recording solution.

Wonderfully simple online crop recording tool

Designed to save farmers time and improve accuracy in their activities, Gatekeeper Cloud allows our customers to manage stock in real-time, generate a host of reports, as well as improve connectivity with agronomists.

Simple to use & time-saving

Manage your crop records more efficiently. From recommendation or job
planning through to reporting and analysis, work more efficiently from seed to sale.

Connect with your agronomist

More agronomists use Gatekeeper than any other solution. Communicate with them more effectively, receiving recommendations directly into your software.

Manage your records on the go

Use any device with an internet connection to access an overview of your fields, including inputs, outputs and completed jobs from any location.

Gatekeeper Cloud features created to suit our Irish customers

  • Herd number
  • Land-Parcel ID (LPIS No.)
  • Eircode
  • Counties
  • Advisor/Grower credentials
  • Crops and Varieties
  • Crop Protection Products (PCS)
  • Specific nutrient headings for setting up fertiliser and manure products

See Gatekeeper Cloud in action

One of Farmplan’s product experts shows Gatekeeper Cloud’s features in action.

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