Virtual Stick

Virtual Stick



To download the Virtual Stick CAB file

  1. Create a folder in a known location on your PC
  2. Click download and choose to ‘Save’ the file to this known location

Save the CAB file on the Computer

  1. Firstly attach the PDA device to your computer and make sure that it has connected with the Windows Mobile Device Centre. When you open Computer or My PC (Windows Vista/ 7 / 8 or 10) you should be able to view the device listed under Portable Devices as either ‘PDA’, ‘Windows CE’ or ‘WORKABOUTPRO’
  2. Navigate to the CAB files known location and right click and ‘copy’ the VirtualStickversion.CAB file. (To copy a file use CTRL C or right click on the file and select the Copy option)
  3. Next from the Computer / My PC menu locate and open the device and paste the CAB file in this location: Workaboutpro > \ > My Documents or WINDOWS CE > \ > My Documents or PDA > \ > My Documents

Install the CAB file on the device

  • From the device go to File Explorer (Windows Mobile) or Windows Explorer(Windows CE) from the Start button or via Programs
  • Open My Documents and locate the Virtual Stick CAB file checking that this is the correct version you have just saved
  • Double click on Virtual Stick file and follow the on screen instructions to allow the Virtual Stick to be installed onto the Device
  • An Installation message will appear on the screen to say that the previous version of the Virtual Stick will be removed before the new one is installed which you should agree to
  • A message will prompt that the process has finished

Virtual Stick does not currently have any FAQs.