Gatekeeper Cloud UK

We’ve incorporated feedback from thousands of growers, agronomists and industry partners to develop the UK’s simplest, cloud-based crop recording solution.

Wonderfully simple online crop recording tool

Designed to save farmers and growers time and improve accuracy in record management, Gatekeeper Cloud allows you to stay on top of your essential record keeping, manage stock, report on information and improve connectivity with your agronomist.

Simple to use & time-saving

Manage your crop records more efficiently. From recommendation or job
planning through to reporting and analysis, work more efficiently from seed to sale.

Connect with your agronomist

More agronomists use Gatekeeper than any other solution. Communicate with them more effectively, receiving recommendations directly into your software.

Manage your records on the go

Use any device with an internet connection to access an overview of your fields, including inputs, outputs and completed jobs from any location.

Gatekeeper Cloud features

  • Peace of mind
    Record and access all your essential field records simply and quickly. Create several useful reports, including Nutrient Summary and Field Audit. Providing valuable documentation to demonstrate compliance.
  • Save time and eliminate error
    Save time when entering your field information with simple screens and intuitive data entry tools. Set up your farm and plot your fields in just a few minutes.
  • Work on the go
    Gatekeeper Cloud can be used on any device with an internet connection wherever you are. This user-friendly system offers you complete flexibility to manage your records on the go.
  • Create your own jobs or import from your agronomist
    Your agronomist can simply submit recommendations for you to import. Product details are automatically added to your product list, and available for traceability reporting. Prefer to create your own jobs? You can do that in just a few clicks!
  • Understand your cost production
    View your margins field by field and monitor costs as the year goes by, helping you stay one-step ahead.

See Gatekeeper Cloud in action

One of Farmplan’s product experts shows Gatekeeper Cloud’s features in action, including:

  • Field records
  • Work plans
  • Pesticide and fertiliser management
  • Nutrient management
  • Nitrogen reports

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