Cattle Manager Go!

Access and record your herd information from anywhere on your farm, even if you have no signal. Exclusively for Cattle Manager and Livestock Manager customers.

Take control of your herd management from any location

Farmplan’s Cattle Manager and Livestock Manager customers have exclusive and FREE access to the Cattle Manager Go app, allowing them to access and record herd information from anywhere on the farm, even when there is no signal.

This new app is compatible with most Android and Apple devices. To download, please visit your app store and search for ‘Cattle Manager Go‘.

Learn more about downloading the app by clicking here.

Streamline your workflow

Input, access and record essential data relating to your cattle from any location.

Save time

Remove duplication of data entry with an upload to the cloud.

Greater confidence

Ensure accurate and timely reporting. It’s the power of Cattle Manager in the palm of your hand.

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There is the ability to collect information in the field – to record weights, medicine treatments and procedures at the actual time that they occur so reducing the potential for error in recording on a piece of paper which has consequently helped us to be more organised.

Heather Whittaker, Coley Walks Farm

Cattle Manager Go is a FREE companion product to both
Cattle Manager and Livestock Manager

  • Peace of mind
    You can always be sure everything is in order without needing to be in the office – or even in range of signal.
  • Easy access to information
    Send every animal, or sort by batches and breeds. You can also select predefined actions like drug treatments, movements, anything to do with health. You have access to as much or as little information as suits you.
  • Input records from the farm
    New births can be entered, along with their tag numbers, sex, and other crucial details. Any actions that have been put against particular animals are presented as a list on your device, so you can enter diary notes as needed.
  • Automatic synchronisation
    Once you are back within signal range, all data is uploaded to the cloud and synced with your desktop.
  • Accurate, timely data
    Multiple users can all work simultaneously without issue – all incoming data is verified to check that information remains current and correct, alerting you if something doesn’t align.

Explore our Cattle Manager and Livestock Manager products

Cattle Manager

Looking to monitor herd performance and manage breeding? Cattle Manager offers you the next step in animal management, record details such as progeny, ease of calving, costs and treatments. With all this information at your fingertips you can create meaningful reports aiding decision making across the herd.

Livestock Manager

Combining the record management tools of two systems, Livestock Manager enables you to manage records for both cattle and sheep on an individual basis. For those with mixed livestock on farm, this is an ideal solution to keep all animal records in one place and easily accessible.

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