For 20 years, the UK’s most popular cropping solution has been providing the platform and data to enable growers to increase yields, find efficiencies and improve profits.

Get value from your crops faster

Gatekeeper is a complete crop management software system for growers, agronomists and consultants, allowing you to manage crop inputs and outputs whilst keeping you traceable, compliant and in control of your important records.

Stay compliant

Harness your valuable data to demonstrate compliance, meet legislative requirements and support timely management decisions.

Seamless integration

Fully compatible with the industry’s leading machinery manufacturers and service providers, and integrates seamlessly with your in-cab hardware.

Be more efficient

Easily manage all your cropping activities in one place. Connect with your agronomist to save time, reduce the risk of error and improve visibility.

Verification and decision support

Access to Sentinel (pesticide verification and support) as well as RB209 (nutrient management) tools, ensures you are supported through the challenges of managing a variety of crops.

Gatekeeper Features

  • Connect with your agronomist
    Simply exchange data with your agronomist and make demonstrating compliance easier – no more double entry, eliminate the risk of error and speed up your processes.
  • Connect Gatekeeper to leading precision farming devices and services
    We integrate with more brands than any other farm management platform, giving you the flexibility to utilise the devices and machinery best suited to your business needs.
  • Compliant at the click of a button
    Record on the go and instantaneously produce reports to demonstrate legislative compliance, from field audits and stock, to nutrient management and health & safety.
  • More efficient workflows, from seed to sale
    Manage all your cropping activities in one place; import or create workplans, assign to operators and update with ease from the field. Keep track of important health & safety, product and weather information, and quickly adapt your plans to meet changes.
  • Keep on top of stock with flexible price and quantity management
    Monitor stock & produce, record yields, sales and contracts, keep track of deliveries to and from the farm – quicker, safer and more conveniently than paper records.

Add to your package

Pick from a variety of other modules and options to add to your package to add better functionality and personalise Gatekeeper to your needs

Farm Mapping

A range of mapping tools and features enable you to mark, measure and plan your field and farm features.

Precision Farming Actual

Import spatial data recorded in the field, such as yield, soil conductivity and analysis. Compatible with the industry’s leading devices.

Precision Farming Target

Export variable rate jobs to your in-cab controller or work with those from your service provider. Compatible with the industry’s leading devices.

Web Grower

Access field and stock records, confirm work done and record crop inspections with your smartphone or tablet.


Quickly build budgets by heading or product. Compare with actual costings to monitor performance and cashflow.

Sentinel Active

An indispensable decision support tool providing detailed crop approval information and verification for all UK pesticides.

John Deere

Exchange data with your John Deere device. View your imported yield maps, export jobs for use on your in-cab controller.

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Watch our Gatekeeper demo

Let one of our product experts take you through everything Gatekeeper has to offer, including:

  • Field records
  • Work plans
  • Pesticide and fertiliser management
  • Nutrient management
  • Nitrogen reports

See Gatekeeper in action

One of Farmplan’s product experts shows Gatekeeper’s features in action, including:

  • Field records
  • Work plans
  • Pesticide and fertiliser management
  • Nutrient management
  • Nitrogen reports

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