To download the latest version of Gatekeeper, please call 01594 545040


How often should I synchronise Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper should be synchronised after every data entry session.

Data secure users with more than one site should synchronise before entering any data to pick up any changes the other user has made and after data entry is complete to backup your data and make the amended data available to other users.

If you are not using GateKeeper on a regular basis then we recommend that Gatekeeper is synchronised once a month to keep the program up to date.

What’s the difference between data secure and data local?

Data Secure systems have a copy of the data stored on the Gatekeeper secure server providing an offsite data backup. Gatekeeper data is only stored on our secure server if the data secure option was chosen when Gatekeeper was purchased.

Data Local systems need backing up manually as the data is not stored on the secure Gatekeeper server.

To check your version click the Tools menu and select User Manager. The main grid has a line labelled ‘Site synchronisation’ which will display either ‘Data Secure’ or ‘Data Local’.

How do I back up with data local?

If you have a data local version of GateKeeper then we cannot stress enough, how important it is that you ensure that you are making regular GateKeeper Backups to a removable media device such as a memory stick or other external device.

Your data is not automatically backed up to the GateKeeper Server.

To back up you data you must open the Synchronise window and select the location you wish to backup to such as a memory stick using the Browse button, make sure this is not your “C” drive as if your computer fails or is stolen you will have lost your data.  Then when you synchronise GateKeeper will backup to your Memory Stick.

Please keep your memory stick somewhere safe and away from the computer for maximum security.

How do I know if my Gatekeeper is data local or data secure?

To check your version click the Tools menu and select User Manager. The main grid has a line labelled ‘Site synchronisation’ which will display either ‘Data Secure’ or ‘Data Local’.

If a user is ‘Data Local’ Farmplan do not hold a copy of this GateKeeper data.

Crop nutrition

How do I enter the analysis of my fertiliser?

When viewing/creating a product in ‘Setup’ / ‘Products (Business)’ within the Fertiliser heading click ‘Add Item’ at the bottom of the window, select the nutrient, and enter the value. Repeat for each additional nutrient requiring analysis.

The picture below shows the analysis for 5:24:24.

This information MUST be entered if Gatekeepers nutrient management sytem is to be used. The information is also used to calculate the amount of nutrients applied to a field (this is shown in the Fields module on the ‘Fertiliser’ tab)

NB If you have a product with a zero analysis e.g. 0:24:24 then only add the positive values not the zero.


How do I enter my manure analysis?

When viewing/creating a product in ‘Setup’ / ‘Products (Business)’ within the ‘Organic Manure’ heading, the tabs ‘Available’, ‘Total Organic Manure’, and ‘PLANET’ will be visible.

Select ‘Total Organic Manure’, tick the ‘Manure Type’ box to enable the drop down list and then select the relevant PLANET manure type.


Select the ‘PLANET’ tab and click your region to use the default PLANET analysis, this will populate the ‘Available’ and ‘Total Organic Manure’ analysis for you.

How do I use nutrient management?

GateKeeper is able to use its embedded PLANET software to produce a nutrient recommendation to the RB209 standard.

To use nutrient management, select a field from the Field module then click ‘Nutrient Management’.

If nutrient management has been run before a summary of the previous recommendation will be displayed. To update this or to create a new recommendation click on ‘Edit Nutrient Management Plan’.


Select the ‘Update nutrient requirements using PLANET RB209’ option then click ‘Update’, (as shown below) this will produce a recommendation for your selected field(s).NB Do NOT tick the ‘Use Imported data for actual’ box unless you wish to use imported data in the calculations instead of your own records.


Any reasons why a recommendation is not created will be shown, these will need to be addressed before a recommendation can be calculated. The example below shows that the ‘Field’ tab needs to be checked.


The recommendation can be printed by selecting the ‘Nutrient Management Plan’ or the ‘Nutrient Management Plan Summary’ reports which are available in the Fields module or the Nutrient Management Centre.

Note: At least one year’s previous cropping must be entered for PLANET to create a recommendation.

For more information on using nutrient management click the help icon.helpicon

Crop years and year end

Which cropping year should I be using?

The cropping year in GateKeeper normally refers to the harvest year of the crop being planted. eg A Winter Wheat crop sown in the autumn of 2012 would be harvested in 2013, so Gatekeeper would refer to this as the 2013 crop year.

If catch crops e.g. stubble turnips, are grown then a second crop sequence will be needed for the catch crop.

What does the message ‘Please select a non planning year if you wish to continue’ mean?

This message displays when the year selected is a Plan year. A plan year is signified by the business selector in the top right hand corner of Gatekeeper being coloured purple. It is not possible to enter any records into a plan year apart from the intended crop.

If you wish to start entering data into a Purple/Plan year then please follow the instructions on how to advance the cropping year.

How do I enter multiple crops in one year e.g. intensive veg, catch crops and failed crops.

Click Fields then select the required field. Click the ‘Field’ tab then ‘Setup Cropping’ and then ‘Field Details’. Click ‘Add New Crop Seq’ and enter the cropping and area details.

How do I get a crop growing valuation?

Click Analysis / Field Operations / Crop Growing Valuation, refresh the data for the relevant year, enter the To date, filter as required then click OK.

How do I set up cropping for the new year?

Click here for a printable document.


Why is my device not shown in the list of devices in Gatekeeper?

Does your Gatekeeper licence allow the use of Devices? Your details are shown in Tools / User Manager / Devices.

If your Gatekeeper licence needs amending please contact 01594 545000 or

device licence

When using Gatekeeper web app on my device I am getting a message saying there is no cache available?

There are two possible resolutions to this situation.

Check if the browser on the device is using the ‘in private browsing’ feature. This will need to be turned off to allow the data to be cached on the device.

Alternatively you will need to free some cache on the device.

How can I remove unwanted devices?

To remove unwanted devices from the list displayed, select its name, click ‘Setup Devices’ followed by ‘Delete’


How do I add a new field?

To add a new field to GateKeeper click Setup / Fields, select the required year then click ‘Add Field in 20XX’.

Why is the cost of spraying shown twice in my records?

The most likely reason for this duplication is that an implement setting with a linked cost has been used in addition to the product of spraying within the job.

To amend this double-click the job then click the ‘Select Products’ button and remove the cost of spraying from the list of products.

Import data

How do I import yield map data?

Yield map data can be imported into Gatekeeper from a variety of sources.

Click here for a printable version of the ‘Gatekeeper Field & Farm mapping Software Setup & Quick Start Guide’.

Click here for a printable version of the ‘John Deere Devices Module Setup & Quick Start Guide’.

My Agronomist is using Gatekeeper, how do I receive his recommendations?

To receive recommendations from your Agronomist you will firstly need to exchange keys with him.

After this exchange your Agronomist will be able to publish his recommendations to you. The next time Gatekeeper is synchronised any new recommendations will appear in the publishing centre inbox.

To import one of these recommendations go to the publishing inbox, highlight the recommendation and click ‘Import Published Data’. In the following window we recommend that you select the option ‘Do NOT Change Field and cropping data’. This will prevent any errors in your agronomists field details affecting your records.

When the import button is clicked Gatekeeper will import the recommendation and display it as a Draft plan.

How can I import recommendations from my agronomist who is using Muddy Boots software?

Your agronomist will need to email his recommendations as an XML file. This can then be imported into GateKeeper.

The procedure for importing into Gatekeeper is:

  • Save the XML attachment from your email to an easy to find location (eg C:/users/desktop).
  • Open the Planning module and click the Import button.
  • Ensure the File Format selected is ‘Third Party GK XML File’.
  • Click the browse button (small square with 3 dots) and locate the XML file, then click Import.
  • We recommend that you use the Importing Plan Option of ‘Do NOT Change Field and cropping data’. This this will prevent any errors in your agronomists field details changing your field details.
  • Click the import button and the recommendation will display as a draft plan.

Installation and logging on

How do I load Gatekeeper onto my new computer?

Firstly ensure the Gatekeeper data has been backed up.

Data local users – take a backup to an external device (eg memory stick)

Data secure users – synchronise your Gatekeeper. Your data has now been stored on the Gatekeeper server and will be downloaded to the new computer during synchronisation.

(To check your version click the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘User Manager’. The main grid has a line labelled ‘Site synchronisation’ which will display either ‘Data Secure’ or ‘Data Local’.)

Install the current Gatekeeper CD onto the new computer. (For information about the current version please contact Gatekeeper support on 01594 545040.)

Please select ‘Typical’ during the installation process (unless you have network Gatekeeper).

Make a note of your User Name, Password and access code as they will need to be entered on the new computer. To view your access code double click on the GateKeeper icon then click the advanced button.

You must then contact software support to ask for the GateKeeper site licence to be cleared.

When this has been completed you will be able to access GateKeeper on your new computer.

If you are Data Secure then the Gatekeeper data will be downloaded the first time you logon and synchronise GateKeeper.

If you are Data Local then you will need to restore your data onto the new computer.

I am getting an error message when attempting to open Gatekeeper. How can I resolve this?

There are a number of possible reasons why an error message would be shown when attempting to login to Gatekeeper.

Please contact software support on 01594 545040.

How do I restore my data? I have the data local version of Gatekeeper.

If you are Data Local then you may have to restore your data. This is done by clicking Synchronise / Manage Databases, select Default or if selecting Alternate browse to the location of the backup, select the file, click Restore then Synchronise.

NB Data secure customers can retrieve their data from our server by synchronising Gatekeeper.


How can I record the seed dressing used on a field?

It is very difficult to record the amount of seed dressing used on a field as the quantities involved are so small and it is normally pre-applied to the seed being sown.

Therefore the easiest way to record the seed dressing is to add a note to the planting job on the Notes tab. Alternatively create a new ‘Field Diary Notes’ job in recording.

Select the fields (or click on the Notes tab in an existing job), select the correct date and a heading of ‘Traceability Notes’ and in the comment box enter the seed dressing type and any additional notes you require.

Once a note has been entered under the Traceability heading it can be included in your traceability reports. This information is also available in the analysis module under the ‘Diary notes’ area.

Can weather records be entered on Gatekeeper?

To record weather click the Business button businessbuttonSelect the ‘Weather’ tab, then the required tab e.g. Rainfall. Click ‘Add Item’ and enter the date and value of the record, then press enter to add another line for the following day.

If you wish to add multiple records e.g. rainfall, temperature and wind at the same time then click ‘Pick Headings’ and select additional headings to add to the grid.

How do I record soil sampling results?

To record soil sample results click Recording, Add Job, select the New Job Type as Field Sampling then click the Add Field Sampling Job button.

Select the sampled fields and move them to the right, click OK, then select the required nutrients e.g. P, K, Mg and click OK.

The results of the sampling can then be entered into the grid.

NB This does not apply to spatial data.

How do I record a harvest yield?

Click recording then add a new ‘Field Operations’ job and select the field(s).

Select the product from the ‘Outputs’ section as shown below before completing the job in the normal way.


How do I deal with home saved seed?

Home saved seed is dealt with by entering the ‘sale’ of the home saved seed followed by its ‘purchase’.

Recording the Sale
To record the financial benefit from the ‘sale’ of home saved seed, enter a sales invoice recording the relevant quantity and price.
NB If you create a new product for this purpose (eg ‘Home saved wheat seed’) ensure that this product is set up within ‘Outputs’ (as below) and recorded against the harvested field(s) as well as the sales invoice.


Recording the Purchase
A purchase invoice ‘buying’ the seed at the required price should now be entered, it can then be applied to the relevant fields.
NB The product used on the purchase invoice and any planting jobs must be within the ‘Variable Costs’, ‘Seed / Plants’ area (as below)


Can I enter data into my previous crop year as well as my current crop year?

Data will be entered into the crop year shown by the Main Business and Year Selector (brightly coloured rectangle in the top corner of Gatekeeper).

To view or enter data to a different crop year, click the Main Business and Year Selector then select the required year from the tree view (as below).


NB Any information accidentally entered into the wrong crop year will need to be deleted and re-entered into the correct year.

Can I create a new job by copying a previous one?

To create a new job by copying a previous job (or Template or Budget Job) click ‘Recording’, ‘Add Job’, and select ‘Copying from the selected job / template job’.
Select the job to be copied from the list displayed. A summary of the job is shown and the level of detail to be copied to the new job can be selected. After ‘Copy Field Operation Job’ is clicked the job can be edited as required.



How can I plot a whole field boundary from Bing?

Watch a demo showing how to plot a whole field boundary from Bing.

Where can I get OS data from?

If you wish to use Ordnance Survey data in your GateKeeper Farm Mapping module this can come in different forms with different levels of detail.

We recommend that you firstly contact the GateKeeper Support team on 01594 545040 and request the OS Open data (under a free license) for your farm which we can provide in 10km x 10km tiles. This will provide you with the following features in GateKeeper Mapping:


  • Administrative Boundary
  • Height
  • Natural Feature Area
  • Natural Feature Line
  • Railway Line
  • Road Line
  • Settlement Area
  • Settlement Line
  • Text
  • Tidal Boundary


Please note this data does not include field boundaries; if you require OS boundary information you will need to purchase Master Map data in either a Shape or DXF format. is one of several companies which are able to supply OS data in this format.

All GateKeeper mapping users have the ability to view a backdrop image (which includes some boundaries) from Bing based on 1:25 000 OS data by selecting the layers icon, ensuring the ‘MS Bing Maps Backdrop’ box is ticked then selecting ‘Ordnance Survey’.

Mapping 2

Why are there no plotting tools displayed in Farm Mapping?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Plotting tools do not display if a map scale greater than 1:30000 is selected.
  2. If you wish to plot or measure from the Ordnance Survey layer supplied by Bing you will need to activate the full Bing mapping module. (Users with the ability to import field boundaries from GPS equipment may find this option more useful for their mapping needs).The upgrade from Bing light access carries a minimal licensing cost: for more information please contact Farmplan on 01594 545000.


Why are my reports showing incorrect information?

Before reports are generated from the Analysis area the database must be refreshed to ensure the results are fully up to date.

In the ‘Refresh Summary Database’ screen (below) tick the required year followed by ‘Refresh Data’.


The ‘Refresh Summary Database’ screen can be opened by clicking the ‘Refresh’ button near the top of the screen.

Can I modify a report from the Analysis area in Gatekeeper?

All reports in the analysis area of Gatekeeper can be copied and then modified.

Select the report to be modified then click ‘Setup’ at the top of the Analysis window, click ‘Copy’, ‘Yes’, ‘OK’, and ‘OK’.

When the copied report has been run click ‘Options’ which will allow you to select what data is displayed, column order etc as shown below.


For further information please click on helpicon

Can I view my information in acres?

To view your area information in a different unit toggle between ha and acres by clicking on the ‘ha’ or ‘Ac’ button at the bottom of the GateKeeper window.

acres to hectares


Do I have to record stock/invoices on Gatekeeper?

The user can set up Gatekeeper to record stock quantities or not.

To record the amount used and unit price ONLY, the following approach can be adopted on a heading by heading basis.

The example below uses the ‘Fertiliser’ heading.

Click Setup / Headings then select Variable costs / Nutrition / Fertiliser / Fertiliser.

Change the ‘Stock Mode for Current Stock Period’ to ‘Price list’ and save.

Products within the ‘Fertiliser’ heading will no longer display an in stock quantity, neither will invoices need to be entered for any product within the ‘Fertiliser’ heading.

To enter a product price for the current stock period click Setup / Products(Business), select the product name (within the changed heading) and enter the desired price in the ‘Actual Price’ box.

Can I set up one implement with different settings?

It is possible to set up an implement with different settings, eg you may wish to record that the sprayer application rates can be 100l/ha and 200l/ha.

To enable the the recording of implements click Tools/Options then within ‘Business’ select ‘Field Jobs’ and tick the ‘Record implements used for Planning and Recording jobs’ box.

To add an implement click Setup/Implements and Settings, then ‘Add Implement’. Select the correct category, type the implement name, and select the correct Sub-category. Click ‘Add Setting’ and enter a name eg 100l/ha. Repeat to enter additional settings.

If you wish a cost to be incurred whenever this setting is selected, tick the ‘Use machinery cost’ box and select the desired cost from the list.

To enter a sprayer capacity and application rate tick the ‘Use capacities’ and the ‘Apply as tank mix’ boxes. Enter the ‘Primary capacity’ (and ‘Secondary capacity’ for a twin tank sprayer) and the planned application rate in the ‘Tank mix volume rate / ha’ box. Select the ‘Spray quality’ and ‘LERAP star rating’ from the list.

When an implement setting is used in a plan it will be displayed in the operator instructions.

Sharing data

How do I set up a contact and swap keys?

You can set up contacts and exchange keys to allow exchange of data with another Gatekeeper user.