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New users – For more information about Cattle Focus read the Getting started and Enhancement guides. These can be found under the Guides & manuals tab. You will also find answers and useful information under the FAQs tab.

Existing users – For more information about this update please read the Enhancement guide carefully before updating. Before you start the installation process check that your licence is up to date and that you have taken a backup of your data. You will also need to make sure the program has been closed.

Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems only*

 *Please note – Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning future versions of Cattle Focus will not install onto Windows 7 machines.  Please contact Farmplan to discuss upgrading your PC if this is applicable.

Summary of changes

  • ABP – Market Declaration forms added in the correct format (September 2019)
  • ScotMoves – to electronically record movements between associated Scottish holdings.  NB it is important that you read the release notes regarding this new feature as you will have to make a few small adjustments to your data, if applicable.
  • Additional Calving Details – a number of additional details can be recorded against a calving record e.g. calf vigour, dam docility.
  • Calf Death reasons – unidentified calves i.e. pre-registration
  • Culling and Death reasons (The definitions used have been taken from the Scottish Beef Efficiency Scheme but can be used against any record.)
  • Holdings – sub-locations – each holding with a sub-location can be set up independently
  • Dovecote Park –Scottish Aberdeen Angus Market Declaration
  • Backup data minimised – the size of backups have been reduced which will speed up the time taken to make a backup in a webslot
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Getting started guides

Enhancement guides



Adding a twin after the first calving is saved

  1. Open the Dams record card and select the Breeding tab
  2. Now select the Previous births tab and then highlight the 1 Live calf already entered and click Edit calving
  3. Now select New from the right hand side and enter the details as required of the twin, Update and Save. This will create 2 lives calves against the dam and ping up another birth to be registered on the home page for you.
  4. The previous births will then show as follows: 2 live calves.

Assign Dam and Sire

Double-click the calf then select the ‘Parents and Progeny’ tab. Click on the small browse button against the Birth Dam (and / or Genetic Dam, Foster Dam, Sire) and select the required animal then click ‘OK’.

Entering a stillborn animal

To record the birth of a non-viable calf against the cow:

  • Open the Dams’ animal record card and select the ‘Breeding’ tab
  • Click ‘New Calving’  and enter the calving date
  • From the drop down list available select a number for ‘Stillborn’ or ‘Died before identified’

Both the ‘Current Calves’ report and the ‘Calving History’ report will include non-viable births.

Linking a cow to a calf

This can be done when recording the purchase.

  • Create a new purchase record and enter the details of the cow and her calf
  • Click ‘Next’ to move to the ‘Enter Dam and Sire Details’ window
  • Click on the calf’s record at the top of the window
  • In the bottom half of the window, click on the square box with 3 dots to the right of the ‘Birth dam:’ line
  • In the ‘Search Options’ at the top left of the next window, make sure you select ‘Search this purchase only’. This window will now only list the cows purchased with the calf
  • Select the dams’ record and click ‘OK’

Continue recording the purchase as usual.

Dam not showing

Cows that calve must be in the Breeding Heifers or Cows category. If they are shown as calves or Store/Finishing animals they must be transferred to the correct category.

  • Click the ‘Entries’ drop down menu select ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Cattle Transfers’
  • Alternatively, click ‘Actions’ on the List Bar on the left of the main screen, then select ‘Cattle Transfers’
  • Click ‘New’ and enter the transfer.

IMPORTANT Ensure the Transfer date is at least one day before the animal calved.


CTS Cross Check

CTS Cross Check

CTS update

CTS updater

Installation and logging on

Operating systems (Windows and Apple information)

All our desktop programs need to be installed within a Windows environment (Windows 8 and Windows 10).  Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning you will not be able to install onto Windows 7 machines.

Apple hardware can be configured with Windows 10 Pro using Parallels Desktop. Click here for more information about Apple hardware or for information about our recommended computer spec click here.

Please contact Farmplan’s Hardware teams if you have any further queries on 01594 545022.


Licencing your livestock software (video)


Licencing your livestock software

Licencing Farmplan software

Your software can be licenced by going to File and selecting Licence.

You will be given a new screen where you will have your details entered. Providing your Web Access Code has been entered, you can click Get Key followed by Register. 

Your licence will then be updated. To allow Farmplan to update using this method you will need to be connected to the internet.

If you do not have a Web Access Code or internet connection please contact Farmplan.


Entering a death


Entering a sale


Remove notifications (video)

If your homepage says there are Cattle Movements that need to be notified, but BCMS have already been notified, you can clear these manually. Watch the video below for more information.

Cattle Notifications

Wrong animal moved

I’ve recorded an on or off movement against the wrong animal. How can I change this?

Firstly, telephone BCMS and tell them of your mistake and give them the correct details.

  • You cannot correct your Cattle Manager record
  • Telephone Farmplan software support on 01594 545022 with details of the error
  • Backup your current data and email the backup file to with your customer number and full details of the movement and ear tag number to be altered

The amendment will be made and your data backed up and returned to you as quickly as possible.

Hire bull

If this is the first time the bull has come onto your holding, do the following:

  • From the Entries drop down menu select Animal Movements followed by Create Not Owned Animals
  • Alternatively, click on Animal Movements on the List Bar on the left of the main screen, then select Create Not Owned Animals
  • Click on New on the main Toolbar at the top of the Cattle Manager screen to open the data entry window
  • Click on New on the toolbar of the data entry window that opens
  • Complete the details of the date the animal moved onto your holding and the details of the location it came from
  • Click on Enter Animals at the bottom left of the window
  • Enter the record for the animal coming onto your holding
  • Continue through the data entry windows clicking on Next to proceed to the next window and Finish to create the entry. The bull can be viewed by clicking on the link to Breeding Bulls, either from your Homepage or from the Cattle Inspector on the left of your main screen. Make sure the drop down list on the main screen toolbar is selected to show On my holding only. The status of the animal will be showing as Not owned by me and on my holding. Record a Movement Between Holdings to return the bull to it’s home location when it leaves your holding.

If the hire bull has been on your holding before:

  • Simply record a Movement Between Holdings to bring him back onto your holding.

Reference animals

Remove reference animals

  • Click on Setup on the List Bar on the left of the main screen, then select Reference Cattle
  • Double click on a Reference animal to open its record card
  • Click on Edit on the Toolbar of the record card
  • Take the tick from the box by Active animal at the top right of the next window
  • Click on Save
  • Repeat as necessary.

Select Active reference cattle only on the main screen Toolbar to see only your active reference animals or select All reference cattle to view all reference animals ever used in your records, should you need to reactivate any.


Excluding or filtering reports

If you are looking to run a report but you want to filter by a group of animals or you want to exclude a group of animals you can do this by following the below steps:

1. Open the report library
2. Select your report
3. Select the required information, for example Sort by: Official tag or DOB
4. Select the group of animals you want. This can be done by ticking the required filter on the right

5. If you would like to select all animals except animals in a particular filter you can right click on the heading and select Exclude. Once ticked, these animals will then not be shown in the report.



Category transfer

Cattle Transfer

My program is showing Demonstration Data, how do I access my data?

If your program is showing Demonstration Data you will need to go to File > Select Dataset within the program and click the drop down arrow (shown below in red) and select your own business before pressing Ok. This will then take you into your business.

If your data is on a Network please ensure you have access to the data location from outside the program.

New breed codes (Video)


Cattle Breeds


Version number

To establish which version of Cattle Focus is in use:

  • Go to the Help menu
  • Click on About Cattle Focus

The program version and your Farmplan customer number will be displayed.