Sheep Manager

Sheep Manager



Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems only

Before you start the installation process

  1. Check your licence is up to date
  2. Take a backup of your data
  3. Close the program
  4. Have your Farmplan customer number to hand

Summary of changes

  • Holdings – various enhancements  to support the changes in the way holdings are recorded
  • Group Services for batches of animals
  • Put to Sire – select not owned and reference animals
  • Woodhead Brothers – FCI Declaration Form
  • Lambing Status report – ability to add date of birth of dam

If you have a hand held device please also update your Animal Logger and Virtual Stick Modules

This must be updated at the same time as the main program. Please ensure all information is read from the device before you update.

Handheld device update

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Getting started guides

Enhancement guides


How often should I back up my Sheep Manager data?

When to Backup will depend on the volume of data that is being entered and individual circumstances.  However it is recommended that a portable copy is made frequently and kept away from the computer.

Additional copying will depend on the user – perhaps make a hard disk copy every hour and a portable copy at the end of the day.  But do not overwrite these copies immediately; rotate a series of 3 backups always overwriting the most out of date copy.

It is extremely important to label each copy clearly with the exact details of what is on it – the dataset name, date/time and, for example, some details that remind you of the last entry made.

How do I backup my Sheep Manager data?

On completing data entry and before closing the program:

  • Click ‘File’ and select ‘Backup’
  • The business name will appear on the left under ‘Select a dataset to backup:’
  • Select the Backup folder which is to receive the backup
  • Click ‘Backup Now’
  • When the process is complete click ‘Close’

Click here for further information about backing up Farmplan data online.


Using the Eziweigh 7

Click here for a downloadable document

How do I retag sheep using the Workabout Pro (Psion)

Click here here for a downloadable document

How do I use the Speed Mode on the Workabout Pro (Psion)

Click here for a downloadable document

Ewes and lambs

I have a ewe that has given birth to a lamb which has died.

To record the birth of a non-viable lamb against a ewe:

  • Open the Ewes’ animal record card
  • Click the ‘Breeding’ tab
  • Click ‘New Lambing’ and enter the date of birth
  • Record the number of ‘Stillborn’ or ‘Died before identified’ animals

The ‘Lambing History’ report will include all births marked as Stillborn.

I’ve linked the wrong lamb to a ewe. How can I correct this?

  • Open the Animal Record Card for the lamb
  • Click on the Breeding Tab across the middle of the lamb’s card
  • Here you will see the detail for the wrong Birth ewe
  • Click on the box containing 3 dots to the right of this record
  • In the next window that opens either click on the Clear button at the bottom left of the window to break the link to the wrong ewe, or simply select the correct ewe from the list

Click on OK and Save in the next window.


Import weights from a compatible CSV file

To import weighings from a File:

  1. Select Import/Export Wizard from the File menu and select Weighings from the category list.
  2. Highlight Import Cattle/Sheep Weighings from a compatible CSV file.
  1. Click on Next.
  1. Click on the box with three dots located at the top of the screen next to specify the name and location of the file that you want to use.
  1. Click on the drop down arrows in the look in box and navigate to where you have stored the file.
  1. Click on the Read button.
  2. After checking that the list is correct click on Next to continue.

If you are having difficulties importing please check the file format shows with the columns Date (DD/MM/YYYY), IDTag (with either the official tag of EID number) and Weight


Is it possible to report on homebred animals only?

To report on homebred animals only select the required report then click ‘Next’. Now within the ‘Animal Filters’ area right click the word ‘Purchases’ then select ‘Exclude’.

The screen now shows ‘(Ex) Purchases’ rather then the normal ‘Purchases’.


When the report is run it will only show homebred animals.


How do I know what version of Sheep Manager I have on my computer?

  • Go to the Help menu
  • Click on About Sheep Manager

The window that opens will tell you the program version and your Farmplan Customer Number.

I am trying to delete a Batch containing animals that have all left my holding. I am getting a message that says the Batch cannot be deleted because the sale of some of the animals is linked to it.

This link can be broken by doing the following:

  • From the List Bar on the left side of the Homepage, select Setup and click on Cattle (or Sheep)  Batches
  • Double click on the Batch to be deleted to view the animals in it

To find the linked animal:

  • Double click on an animal in the Batch to open its Animal Record Card
  • Select the Life History Tab
  • Double click on the line recording the Sale of this animal to open the Sale Record
  • Click Edit Animals
  • Click on the animal in the sale
  • At the bottom left of the screen there is a drop down list headed Batch, make sure this says <No batch>
  • Click on Update to save any changes

Once all sold animals in the sale are not linked to a batch, the batch can be deleted by clicking the ‘Delete’ button.


I’ve purchased a medicine, but it’s not available to select when I want to record its use

There are 2 things to check here:

  • Click on Treatments on the List Bar on the left of the main screen, then select Products
  • Make sure the drop down list on the main screen toolbar is selected to show All products
  • Double click on the product line where it appears on the main screen to open the record card
  • At the bottom left of the window, under the heading Licencing and usage,  make sure the option I want to use this product on sheep is ticked
  • Below this option, under the heading Product status, tick the box to show that this is an Active product
  • Save any changes that have been made then Close this window.

The second thing to check:

  • Click on Treatments on the List Bar on the left of the main screen, then select Medicine Cupboard
  • Make sure the drop down list on the main screen toolbar is selected to show All stock
  • Double click on the product line with the correct batch number where it appears on the main screen to open the record card
  • Click on Edit on the Toolbar of the Medicine Cupboard window that opens
  • Make sure there is a tick in the Active stock option at the top of the next window
  • Save any changes that have been made then Close this window

You should now be able to record the use of this medicine

How do I record a treatment for a not-owned animal?

It is possible to enter a treament for animals which are on your holding but not owned by you.

Open a treatment record card and record the date, product used etc in the usual way. Click ‘Select Animals’ and in the ‘Show’ box at the top change the selection displayed from ‘My animals only’ to ‘On my holdings only’. This will allow you to select not-owned animals for a treatment.

I have treated a group of animals with the same drug, but at different rates. Can I record this in the same entry?

Yes. Record the treatment as usual and select the animals that were treated.

On the right hand side of the entry screen, ensure that neither of the two options ‘Enter total quantity used’ or ‘Use same quantity for all’ are selected.

Click ‘Enter Quantities’, select the animal(s) and enter the amount in the ‘Quantity used per animal’ box.

Click ‘Update’, ‘OK’, then ‘Save.

Is there a quick way to record a course of treatments to a group of animals?

Record the first treatment as usual and Save.

To repeat the treatment:

  • Click on ‘Treatments’ on the List Bar on the left of the main screen, then select ‘Drug Treatments’
  • Double click on the treatment to repeat on the main screen to open the record card
  • Click on the ‘Repeat Treatment’ button at the bottom right of the window.

Here you can enter a different Date and time of treatment: and a different Product used: or Batch number: if necessary.

Once the changes have been made, click on ‘Save’.

NB Once the Drug Treatment is saved, you can edit the selected animals.