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Trusted by farmers across the UK, managing over 1 million animal records

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Complete farm management software for cattle, crops, business and accounts

Providing trusted farm software, IT solutions and support to help UK farms and rural businesses manage records, demonstrate compliance and improve performance.

Big or small, our range of software is here to support any farm or agri enterprise.


A complete crop recording and field management solution for growers of all sizes, agronomists and consultants. It can be adapted to any cropping situation, from the most complex horticultural enterprise to broad-acre arable.


A range of software packages to help you manage your livestock effectively and efficiently. Quickly generate reports for farm inspections, reduce duplicate recording, manual processes, and the chances of financial penalties by preventing common errors.

Business & Accounts

Meeting the needs of farms, estates and rural enterprises with a range of business software, specifically tailored for the agriculture sector. Help manage your farm business finances with ease, plus software for payroll, sales order processing and property rentals.

Services we offer

Software Support

Unrivalled software support, surpassing that offered by any other provider in the market today. Software support services are available via telephone, email, in-system and on our website.

Hardware & IT

Providing complete IT support and advice services for small, medium and large agricultural businesses. Help protect your data and improve business efficiency with expert knowledge, and the most appropriate network and backup solutions.

Training & Knowledge

Tailor-made training sessions designed to suit the needs of each customer and business requirement: choose face-to-face, online, group or individual sessions. Delivered by 15 regionally based trainers with specialist knowledge in arable, livestock and accounts software.

Transforming the way your business works:

Building business strength

Farms and rural businesses not only need to keep records to comply with legislation, they need to track and report on inputs and outputs, analyse performance and identify ways to increase profitability.

Creating visible farm data

Understanding how your business is performing at all times gives you the confidence to make business-critical decisions, when it counts.

Improving efficiency

More efficient operations mean increased productivity and better returns. Automating your business frees up time and resources, helping to relieve pressure and improve output.

Enabling traceability

Traceability keeps you in control of your business. Easily pinpoint where products originate, what actions supply chain partners have taken, what treatments and chemicals have been applied to what field, when, and in what volume.

Managing performance through sharing data

Generate valuable and actionable data and share it with your trusted partners. Work together to enhance yield and bottom line. Farmplan doesn’t just make greater collaboration possible, it makes it safe and simple.

Enabling compliance

Easily demonstrate that your business maintains high standards and is meeting regulatory standards. Have instant access to the verifiable data records that back you up.

Why Farmplan

  • Farming experts. Developing farming solutions for almost 50 years.
  • Agricultural specific. 65% of our team have more than a decade of agricultural experience.
  • First class customer support. Dedicated UK-based sales, support, training and hardware teams.
  • 95% customer retention. Customers who join Farmplan, stay with Farmplan – for more than 10 years, on average.
  • Complete farm management solution. 75% of our customers use more than one Farmplan product.
  • Your data in one place. Leading experts in third-party integrations.

Trusted by over 8,500 farms, professionals
and agriculture businesses

Gatekeeper is a great tool that helps me manage my farm business, from budgeting and forward planning to operational management, all whilst delivering compliance data for assurance schemes. I’d find it hard to manage such a complex business without it.

Robert Wilkins, Farm Owner, Pallingham Farm

I’ve been using Farmplan software for many years now, and the ability to access and manage all your vital data in an instant makes a real difference, especially during those more demanding periods. However turbulent this season may become, Cattle Manager and Cash Focus help us stay on track and productive.

Rachel Probert, Farm Owner, Rylstone Farm

Gatekeeper has helped the business to be more efficient and profitable. The mapping functionality is invaluable, but the extra detail you can add in is fantastic and informs our decisions. The ability to increase accuracy is really important at the moment, as it allows us to keep tighter control over our costs.

Kris Grzelak, Farm Manager, LE Tuckwell Farm

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Farmplan?

We are experts in our field, developing market-leading software specifically for the agricultural industry. We know farming like no other.

How much does it cost?

Our solutions are tailored for agricultural businesses of all shapes and sizes, from self-employed Farm Secretaries, through to large farming enterprises. We have solutions that meet a variety of requirements and budgets.

How to switch to Farmplan

It’s as simple as Ready, Set, Go! We’ll migrate your data from your old system, giving you the reassurance that your historical records remain easily accessible.