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Who is it for?

Whatever the type and size of your farm, utilise Farmplan’s software to plan productively, assess your herd performance and make sound cattle management decisions relating to farm profitability.

Beef cattle

Mixed livestock

Key benefits

Stay Compliant

Accurate, quick and risk free compliance reporting. Always know the status of your herd.

Improve Performance

Have access to the information that you need to make the most profitable decisions about the future of your herd.

Quality assurance

Stay compliant with quality assurance beef efficiency systems at the touch of a button.

Explore our livestock products

For any size beef cattle enterprise, recording daily actions as well as planning movements, sales herd health and breeding, choose from Farmplan’s range of software packages to help you manage your livestock effectively and efficiently.

Cattle Focus

An ideal tool for basic herd management to meet compliance requirements. Producing a herd report, Med Book and essential records for inspection.

Cattle Manager

Looking to monitor herd performance and manage breeding? Cattle Manager offers you the next step in animal management, record details such as progeny, ease of calving, costs and treatments. With all this information at your fingertips you can create meaningful reports aiding decision making across the herd.

Livestock Manager

Combining the record management tools of two systems, Livestock Manager enables you to manage records for both cattle and sheep on an individual basis. For those with mixed livestock on farm, this is an ideal solution to keep all animal records in one place and easily accessible.

Cattle Manager Go App

NEW Cattle Manager Go app, the perfect companion to Farmplan’s Cattle Manager and Livestock Manager programs. Now you can access and record your herd information from anywhere on your farm, even if you have no signal.

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