Web Grower

Simple, fast crop recording on the go

Gatekeeper Web Grower is the next generation in handheld recording allowing you not only to view field records but also capture inspection notes, create work plans and complete them whilst on the move. This is all managed through a web exchange process that passes data to and from your main Gatekeeper site. When you are back in the office you will be able to import the recorded data by simply clicking a button.

*Web Grower is available with a Gatekeeper subscription.

What are the benefits of Web Grower?

  • View field records including previous applications
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues on the farm
  • Confirm work done
  • Add crop inspection notes

Gatekeeper Web Grower will operate on all current smartphones, tablets and web-enabled devices that are able to run HTML.5 and have JAVA enabled.

If you would like to get started today, call our sales team on 0159454500 or complete a call back form and we will be in touch shortly.

Start your journey towards simple, fast crop recording on the go.