Farmplan provides a range of software packages to help you manage your livestock effectively and efficiently.

Use the software to quickly generate reports for farm inspections by DEFRA, Trading Standards and Farm Assurance Schemes.

The software can help you reduce duplicate recording, manual processes and the chances of financial penalties. It can also help prevent many common errors.

Choose from our range of beef and sheep software to find the right package for your enterprise.

Cattle software

Meet cattle identification, movement and treatment recording requirements with Cattle Focus and Cattle Manager.

Sheep software

Record animal identification, movements, losses and sheep deaths in Flock Manager and Sheep Manager.

Livestock Manager

Livestock Manager combines the features of Cattle Manager and Sheep Manager to give you all the benefits of both in one easily accessible program.

Devices and EID

Link external devices to the software, including stick readers, data loggers and windows mobile devices.

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View desktops and laptops we recommend to run our Livestock software.

What our customers say...

  • As the cattle we have here are all pedigree, we find the ability to track the family tree very useful. In particular we monitor the bull used and assess success rates and progeny
    Wynn Owen Farmer Hafod-Y-Lan
  • The business has been using Cattle Manager for a number of years now. The program is certainly easy to use and can generate enormous amounts of useful information to help improve business efficiency
    Guy Prudom Farmer Northfields Farm
  • When we set it up we downloaded all our cattle information from BCMS very easily. I find it straightforward to record cattle movements including births and deaths
    Jane Coulson Farmer D & J Coulson

Livestock equipment

We offer a range of devices to help you work more efficiently out on farm and in the office in conjunction with your Farmplan software