Computer Support Service

If you choose Farmplan PC Support we can help you whenever you have a problem with your computer or need to ask a question.

Computer Support Service

We act as your IT support team. Whatever your computer query we are here to help.

Choosing hardware equipment and support from Farmplan means that, in the event of equipment problems or failure, you can contact our UK based team of hardware specialists. Our aim is to get your equipment operating properly.

We solve 80% of problems with a single call.

Subscribers to our computer support service can benefit from the following:

Premier Care
1 year
Telephone support
Suitable for 3rd party hardware. tablets, mobile devices after 12 months
No support
Return to supplier warranty only
Telephone helpdesk support:
Provided by Farmplan engineers
Remote desktop support
Provided by Farmplan engineers
Repair of machine:-
Labour, parts, carriage, reinstallation, commissioning, data recovery if possible
Windows operating system restorationxx
Commissioning new hardware:
Microsoft ID, Farmplan software, MS software, AV software
Data transfer from existing hardware:-
Documents, music, pictures, emails, contacts, calendars, program data
Collection of existing hardware£25£25
Return of existing hardware£25£25
Dispose safely of existing hardware£55£55
Hardware data wipe & return£75£75
Delivery of new machine (excluding monitor)£25£25£25
Anti-virus (1 year)£34£58£58