Gatekeeper Agronomist provides you with the best tools to advise your farming clients and makes your agronomy processes easier.

The software helps you create compliant recommendations and nutrient plans, manage clients, generate orders and analyse results.

The Sentinel Active module carries all the UK crop approvals for supported pesticide types.

It will verify your recommendations as you build them, alerting you to any potential issues, helping prevent costly mistakes.

Gatekeeper enables you to produce detailed, business-like recommendations for your clients helping to reinforce the professional image of your business.


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Key features

  • Recommendations

    Verify use of pesticides and nutrients. Issue clear, compliant, professional recommendations and reports

  • Nutrient plans

    Create Nutrient Management plans (RB209). Convert nutrient plans into fertiliser product recommendations

  • Product orders

    Calculate products required for each recommendation. Generate product orders and send to clients

  • Client collaboration

    Enhance your grower relationships by exchanging data quickly and easily, saving time and preventing errors

Add to your package

A range of options and modules can be added to tailor Gatekeeper to your business requirements

  • Sentinel Active

    An indispensable tool providing detailed crop approval information and verification for all UK pesticides

  • Farm Mapping

    A range of mapping tools and features enable you to mark, measure and plan your field and farm features

  • Precision Farming

    A complete range of precision farming tools to manage your data. Compatible with the industry’s leading devices

  • Plus more

    To enhance your crop management package

    View modules & options

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Watch a demo

Case study: Gatekeeper in action

David Kirkham manages Sustainable Agronomy, which is based in Nottinghamshire and covers approximately 20,000ha.

He recommends on a variety of crops including cereals, maize, oilseed rape, peas, beans, potatoes, sugar beet, vegetables and specialist crops.

David has been a long-term user of Gatekeeper and recognises the benefits that an integrated software tool offers the busy agronomist.

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