Field Applications Powered by YAGRO

Andy Wolff, Gatekeeper Product Manager

Field Applications Powered by YAGRO

Customers of both Gatekeeper and YAGRO can now save time and effort when passing field operation data between the two systems. Farmplan and YAGRO have worked together to create a new report in Gatekeeper, which is designed specifically to let users handle and manage the exchange of data into the YAGRO platform.

‘Field applications powered by YAGRO’, found in Gatekeeper’s analysis module, enables users to extract their data in the right format for YAGRO. The resulting file can then be uploaded into the YAGRO platform without requiring any further management.

Head of Product, Edwin van Leeuwen from YAGRO commented, “Users have been able to extract their data from Gatekeeper in a variety of ways in the past, but now they have a dedicated report which provides all the necessary information for them to fully utilise YAGRO’s analysis tools.”

Andy Wolff, Gatekeeper Product Manager adds, “We are delighted to work with YAGRO to help provide a resolution to a pain point for their customers. In just a few clicks data can be prepared in the right format and template to enable smooth input and analysis in the YAGRO systems.”

There is no need to unlock or request the new report – all Gatekeeper users will receive this enhancement. To collect it, just make sure your system is synchronised and up-to-date.

Are you an existing Gatekeeper user and want to explore the new YAGRO reporting tool?

Visit: Dedicated Gatekeeper Data Export Function where you will also find details on how to upload your data to the YAGRO Platform.


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