Your Auto Enrolment process starts today

For those of you managing businesses and employees with an Auto Enrolment staging date coming up, it’s important to get started today as you need to have your pension scheme and employee communication in place prior to your staging date.

Make sure Auto Enrolment processes are in place before your staging date

For those of you already using Earnie Payroll, it’s easy to add the Auto Enrolment module and get ready for Auto Enrolment.

The process of setting up this module and getting ready for Auto Enrolment with Earnie is much simpler prior to STAGING.  You may need some assistance setting up the module and ensuring you have all the necessary information ready to meet your requirements as an employer.

28352094_shutterstock_grape pickerYou are required as part of Auto Enrolment to begin communication with your employees about the pension scheme you are offering ahead of your actual staging date. So the sooner you are prepared the simpler you can keep this process.

Carol Greenway, Software Services and Training Manager says, “If you delay and leave it too late to get the Auto Enrolment module and book any training/set up support from our team here at Farmplan, you may find that you need to contact the TPR (The Pensions Regulator) before we can help you. This is because you have missed an important milestone in your legislative requirements and the TPR will need to advise you on your next step.”

“Currently we are working with around 100 customers each month who are preparing to stage and are receiving help and guidance in setting up their systems. We recommend you allow around 3 months to get everything in place. Our team are on hand to offer support and training services to help you set up your Auto Enrolment, however you are responsible for managing your processes.”

Our top tips:
1. Know your staging date
2. Allow at least 3 months prior to your staging date to get ready
3. Visit the TPR website for guidance
4. Read our AE Blog for useful articles
5. Speak to Farmplan when you’re ready to get the AE module set up

Here is our quick guide to your responsibilities as an employer: What are my responsibilities as an employer?

What’s my staging date?
You should have received information at this point to provide guidance on what your staging date is and what the next steps are – this information would have been sent to you from the TPR (The Pensions Regulator). However, if you have mislaid this information you can visit the TPR website to find out your specific staging date. Visit

What happens if I miss my staging date?
If you have missed your staging date please visit the TPR website to find out what you need to do next. Don’t panic, but you do need to act quickly as there are fines in place for non-compliance with this scheme so you need to ensure you get on-board as quickly as you can.

What happens if I don’t comply?
If you choose not to set up your Auto Enrolment Scheme or have simply missed your staging date, it’s important you understand what may happen next. Here’s a link to the TPR website for further details:

Where can I get help?
If you are looking for guidance on Auto Enrolment and what you need to do please visit the TPR website

What if I don’t use Earnie Payroll?
If you do not have Earnie Payroll already but would like to find out more about Payroll and Auto Enrolment Software please contact our sales team on 01594 545000 or email for an informal discussion about your requirements.

If you are looking to add the Auto Enrolment module to your existing Earnie Payroll software please contact our sales team on 01594 545000 or email

Please remember you must allow at least 2-3 months prior to your staging date to give yourself enough time to set up the necessary system and provide the first communication to your staff ahead of your actual staging date.