Welsh Farm Business Grant

With some £40m earmarked over the next 4 years, the Farm Business Grant provides Welsh farmers the opportunity to apply for a 40% contribution towards new hardware and software.  In light of the uncertainty around Brexit and the subsequent impact on funding and subsidies, this is a great opportunity to enhance your business’s efficiency and profitability (whilst talking advantage of EU and Government funding).

The next window for grant applications will open in August. Below we’ve compiled some of the most important points you’ll need to know before submitting your grant application.

Key Requirements

  • Your business must be registered with Farming Connect before submitting an application. You can register here
  • Grants must be a minimum of £3,000 and a maximum of £12,000
  • You must have a Customer Reference (CRN) County Parish Holding Number (CPH)
  • Your businesses turnover must not exceed £1 million
  • You must not have received a grant under the Sustainable Production Grant Scheme
  • You’ll need to have attended a ‘Farming for the Future’ event. If you haven’t already attended one of these events then the next run will take place in August and September.

Scored Against

Your grant application will be scored by an independent assessor against these four criteria:

  • Technical Efficiency
  • Health and Safety
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Resource Efficiency

An individual score will be applied to each of the capital items appearing on your application. The average score will then be compared with competing applications. The highest scoring applications will be awarded funding, until all of the available funds have been allocated.

Eligible Products

A full list of eligible, pre-identified items can be found here; and include:

  • Livestock software
  • Livestock hardware
  • Computer hardware


  1. Register: On the Farming Connect website.
  2. Attend: A Future of Farming event, organised by Farming Connect.
  3. Find: identify all of the items you wish to seek funding for. Remember that you can only apply once and the maximum grant amount is £12,000.
  4. Apply: You can only submit one claim and you must not purchase items until after the claim has been approved.
  5. Wait: You will be notified by email on whether or not you’ve been successful.
  6. Buy: You must have bought all of the equipment on your application no later than 120 days after the decision date.