Tech Team Blog: Windows Creators Update new for 2017

As of the 11th April 2017, Microsoft will start deploying there new updated version of Windows 10 named the Creators Update.

The Creators Update tinkers with the look feel and performance of the OS, introduces new features that improve security, privacy and how updates take place, tweaks the virtual assistant Cortana and the Edge browser, and adds a new Paint app for creating 3D content.

Here are a few features to look out for:

Start Menu – Folders
The Start menu allows users to group tiles into folders, providing a new way to organize apps.
Clicking on these new Start menu folders reveals a drop-down panel that shows the tiles inside. To create a tile folder, users drag and drop tiles on top of each other.

Hide the Apps list
If you are not a fan of the Apps List, it can now be hidden behind and icon in the side rail. To do so, toggle a switch in the Personalization – Start section of the Settings app.

Edge Browser – Tab Preview
The Edge browser can now display a thumbnail image of the website below each tab. The preview bar drops down when the user clicks the chevron icon next to the tabs.

Set tabs aside
As well as bookmarking individual tabs in the Edge Browser, users can also set aside all the tabs they have open with a click of a button, so they can be restored from a side menu.

Clearer Notifications
The look of the Action Centre has been altered to make notifications easier to read
Notifications from apps and services can now be subdivided into groups under separate headers, to help user distinguish between messages related to different topics.

Smaller Updates
The average download size of upgrades has been reduced, typically by about one third, due to the OS only downloading the new files each install needs. Also active hours, the period during which Windows won’t automatically restart to install updates, has also been expanded to an 18-hour interval.

Windows Defender Security Centre
The new Windows Defender Security Centre provides and overview of the health of your PC, with more notifications bout its state, which may or may not be welcome.

There are various security and management features aimed at business, including tweaks to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a better Windows Analytics Dashboard for monitoring and managing Windows PC’s.

Paint 3D
As reflected by its name, a key part of the Creators Update is focused on making it easier to produce art.
To that end, the update adds Paint 3D, another version of Microsoft Paint, with a strong emphasis on creating 3D scenes and objects. Users are able to rotate and zoom in and out of these objects, place them at different depths within a scene and alter their colour, transparency and size.

Night Light
Using a computer late at night is thought to interfere with the body’s sleep cycle, due to the blue light emitted by the display.
To counter this, Windows now allows users to lower the amount of blue light emitted from the PC using the Night Light feature. Built into the Settings app, the feature lets users adjust blue light intensity and schedule when the level should be reduced, although there are complaints that the transition happens too rapidly.

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