Tech Team Blog: Worry-free email

Email has become an essential tool for communicating, which is why it is so popular with scammers, cybercriminals, and advertising companies. In order to protect ourselves from phishing scams and malware, it is essential that we learn how to safely manage our email accounts.

Spam is another term for junk email or unwanted email advertisements. Today, a vast majority of emails are spam. This is because it’s easy and inexpensive for spammers to send an email to thousands of people at the same time, and they can do it anonymously, making anti-spam laws difficult to enforce. Phishing scams and malware are often included in spam, so it is important to be able to effectively manage the spam we receive in our inbox.

To eliminate these concerns, a reliable and powerful business-class email is a necessity for organisations of all sizes.

Farmplan has been a ‘Microsoft Cloud Certified Partner’ for over 5 years and provide Business class email solutions through the Microsoft Cloud Partnership.  This helps you protect your data and keeps you and your employees connected with secure, reliable access to email, calendar, and contacts—from virtually any device.

Jason Scott (Financial Controller) of Velcourt Group Limited said, “Our work with John Scotford and the Tech Team at Farmplan involved migrating our entire Company email system from a POP3 based platform to Office 365. We were extremely satisfied with the near-seamless transition which the team handled, largely outside of office hours which kept our downtime to a minimum.

What we appreciated the most was how the team dealt with each user individually to archive their old emails and reconfigure their PCs for the new email system.  We were provided with a clear plan of the steps involved in advance and the whole process ran very smoothly.  The ongoing support we receive is very prompt and efficient.

The decision to switch to the new system has been proved as the right one. John and the Farmplan Tech Team have been a large part of making it work for us.”

John Scotford, Farmplan Tech Team adds, “We can you set up a suitable email system to meet your business needs, whatever the size of your business and for however many users you need. Our systems are secure and flexible so you can rest assured we have the tools to help.”

If you would like to find out more about setting up business emails, managing online security or new computer systems, the Tech Team are here to help, call 01594 545033 or email