Tech Team Blog: Windows Vista update

Microsoft is ending Windows Vista support this April

Vista still exists but Microsoft has now decided to end support for the OS which is now 10 years old.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows Vista in a month’s time, on 11th April, so anyone who is still using the operating system will need to finally make the upgrade to a new PC or Laptop.

Should you continue to use Windows Vista after 11th April, you will be much more susceptible to security threats, especially as Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported either.

“Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter more apps and devices that do not work with Windows Vista,” said Microsoft in its announcement. Antivirus software will only have “limited effectiveness,” it added.

Vista was released as the follow-up to Windows XP. Although it was a long time coming, it failed to meet expectations, and suffered from buggy features. Instead of replacing XP it did the exact opposite and encouraged more users to stick with the predecessor. Windows XP’s market share remained strong for many years.

This led Microsoft to work away at Windows 7 and 8 to try to get people to move away from the now unsupported XP.

Glenn Arnold, Senior Support Engineer adds, “Despite this history, Vista has still been receiving critical updates all these years. That is all about to change. Microsoft is gradually ending support for its older operating systems so that Windows 10 eventually becomes all that’s left. For many people this means they need to start thinking about upgrading their existing computers to ensure they continue with secure and worry free computing.”

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