Our spring release of Business Manager is now available

The spring release of Business Manager, Farmplan’s flagship accounts and farm business management software solution is now available.

So what’s new in Business Manager?

Searchcodes – Additional Details
To support MTDfB, we have added the ability to add the address details of searchcodes that are properties. This can either be done manually or from a spreadsheet. Unfurnished Properties and Furnished Property Lets require different tax returns to be completed for their income and expenditure at the end of the year. While it will be necessary to be able to differentiate them once you have to submit quarterly returns, it will also make your accountant’s job easier now if they can easily identify and extract these details.

Farm Codes – now available at all levels
Farm codes are additional secondary analysis codes that work in a similar fashion to search codes. These have now been added to all levels of Business Manager so that they are available to all users.

Are you a member of Fram Farmers?
It is now possible to import your Fram Farmers statement details from a csv file, either in the form of invoices, or as a cash analysis entry i.e. direct debit, which will reduce the time spent entering the details manually.

Bank Reconciliation – Link to Statements
The link to a scanned or electronic version of a bank statement can now be linked to its equivalent screen within the Bank Reconciliation.

Auto-Reverse Journals – Mark Journals
If a journal is marked to ‘auto-reverse’ on a particular date, the program will create an equivalent but opposite journal automatically. Each transaction in the ‘pair’ will now show details of its partner’s date and transaction number which will make them easier to match up.

New reporting tools
As part of this release you will now be able to access a range of new reports, including:

  • Full Trial Balance Audit – this report has been designed to export every single entry with full details against each code on the Trial Balance to a spreadsheet. This will be particularly useful for your accountant at the year-end who will be able to use it to interrogate your data and import it into their accounts preparation software.
  • Rolling 12 month Cashflow/Profit & Loss – Look at the monthly layouts of these reports over any 12 month period including spanning a year end – useful for interrogating a particular harvest year for example
  • VAT reconciliation – a couple of new VAT reports have been introduced to help you analyse your VAT figures.

Net Margin Calculator
Net Margin Calculator is a useful tool that allows you allocate overhead expenses on a percentage basis to calculate net margins by enterprise and monitor performance and profitability. This option is now available to all users with the Farm Accounts option.

Budgets – Import from a spreadsheet
It is now possible to import a cashflow budget that has been prepared using a spreadsheet, for example by an external consultant. A budget template containing existing actual or budgeted cashflow figures can be exported from the Report Library to help you get going.

Budgets – Multi-Budgets & Advanced Budgets
We have opened up all the advanced functionality within the Budgets option to all users. For example you can now have as many budgets as required – perhaps to have a revised budget, or perhaps to have several partial budgets for different areas of the business. Use more advanced features such as budgeting for stores based on predicted usage or import a full budget from another budget or a different financial years’ actual figures.

Private Web Backups – store your data on the ‘cloud’
When you go to make a backup, the program will now automatically default you to the Private Web slots rather than the local backup option. Web backups mean that your data is stored safely on the ‘cloud’ and are easily accessed by any machine with your security criteria. This could be critical if your PC breaks down or is stolen for example. If you would like more slots to be made available, please let us know and we can increase them for you.

If you have any queries on the latest release or want to book a software demonstration please contact the Farmplan team on 01594 545000 or email sales@farmplan.co.uk

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