Cash Manager

Better control over business accounts, cashflow and more with Cash Manager. Essential financial management tools with easy to use software.

Essential financial management tools with easy to use software

Bringing all the essential cashbook tools together with enhance reporting and business management features, Cash Manger is ideal for those wanting better understanding and visibility of business performance.

Time saving

Auto set-up features and heading codes to help create a straightforward structure to your data.

Cost effective

Save time and effort managing records on paper or via spreadsheets, invest in your business managment tools

Better visibility

Gain a better understanding of the business position, cashflow, budgets and performance.

Cash Manager features

  • Heading Codes
    Get started with a clear data structure with in-built Heading Codes preset for agricultural enterprises, with the added flexibility to create your own to suit.
  • Gross and Net Margins
    Allocate all sales, direct costs and overheads to specific divisions or enterprises as required.
  • Analyse enterprise performance
    Record quantities as well as monetary values enabling you to, for example, calculate the margin per tonne produced as well as for the whole enterprise. Look at unit cost of production. Secondary quantities allow you monitor the number, e.g. animals sold, and optionally record the total weight of a batch to calculate the total number of kg sold. Produce gross or net margin reports by financial year or farming year.

See Cash Manager in action

One of Farmplan’s product experts shows Cash Manager features in action (no audio), including:

  • Setting up your business
  • Data entry
  • Office accounts
  • Cash accounts
  • Farm accounts

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