Cash Focus

Simple, affordable cashbook style accounts software. Easily manage income and expenditure as well as provide a clear view of what money is available to spend and what’s been paid.

Manage your day to day cashflow simply

Cash Focus accounts software is suitable for those who are looking for a very basic cash management system. It is easy to use and is an ideal replacement for the existing cashbook on farm.

Easy to use

Simple data entry, basic reporting tools and no accounting knowledge needed to get started.

Peace of mind

Cloud backups mean you’ll never lose information again.

Stay compliant

No need to worry, Farmplan software is up to date with the latest legislation.

Cash Focus features

  • Auto Set-Up
    Auto set-up makes it easy to get started. Contains a pre-created heading code structure based on typical agricultural enterprises. To get started with the program quickly and easily simply select the ones that are relevant to your business to customise your own accounts layout.
  • CashFlow
    Monthly/quarterly/annually. Compare budgeted and actual cashflow and more.
  • Bank Reconciliation
    Check off records that appear on your bank statement so that you have an up to date picture of your accounts.
  • VAT
    Calculates VAT automatically. Generate and store VAT records and returns. Use for cash analysis based VAT i.e. paying/claiming back the tax once payment has been made (see ‘Product range’ page opposite for invoice based VAT). VAT audit trail
  • Items Inspector feature
    Analyse your expenses and receipts in detail by picking out criteria that are important to the management of your business (use over any date range regardless of financial year).

Add to your package

Select from a variety of optional features to enhance and personalise your set up

Electronic Payments

Links the accounts software to your business
banking program i.e. facilitates making
payments online.

Read Only Licence

Provides a read only version for reporting
purposes. This is particularly useful for
accountants and clients of mobile farm
secretaries / administrators.

Network Use

Store data on a network. Ideal when more than one team member requires access to the system.

Talk to the sales team to add one of these packages to your software subscription

Farmplan Cash Focus walkthrough

Watch our video to learn more about Cash Focus and its many features and functions.

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