Business Manager

Used by farms, estates and rural businesses across the UK, Business Manager offers complete business management analysis within a double entry accounts environment.

Comprehensive business and accounts management

Ideal for those wanting to manage their farming enterprises, monitor performance and use business data to inform decisions, whilst managing cashflow, income and expenditure and VAT in a straightforward way. The software can produce a range of essential reports including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

Easily accessible data

All business information in one place for complete visibility of performance.

Decision support tools

Enabling greater understanding of profitability, debtor management, sales and more across enterprises or whole business.

Streamline collaboration

Share information easily, safely and quickly with your accountant or business advisor.

Business Manager features

  • Enterprise comparisons and farming year analysis
    Record quantities as well as monetary values enabling you to calculate the margin per tonne produced, for example, as well as for the whole enterprise. Look at unit cost of production. Secondary quantities allow you monitor the number, e.g. animals sold, and optionally record the total weight of a batch to calculate the total number of kg sold.
  • Business and enterprise gross & net margins
    Allocate all sales, direct costs and overheads to specific divisions or enterprises as required. Produce gross or net margin reports by financial year or farming year.
  • Business valuation
    Valuations for produce & livestock e.g. stock numbers.
  • Stocks Inspector
    Record and view detailed movements of enterprise stocks and stores e.g. seeds, fertilisers and sprays. This means you can always have an up to date view of your stocks.
  • Enhanced reporting tools
    Produce Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance alongside a whole host of other essential business reports

Watch our Business Manager demo

Let one of our product experts take you through everything Business Manager has to offer, including:

  • Enterprise comparisons
  • Growth & net margins
  • Business valuation
  • Stock inspector
  • Enhanced reporting tools

See Farmplan Business Manager in action

Take a look at Farmplan Business Manager in action, as we showcase some of the key features and functionality:

  • Enterprise comparisons
  • Growth & net margins
  • Business valuation
  • Stock inspector
  • Enhanced reporting tools

Saving money with Farmplan Business Manager

Joanne and Christopher Rooke run a family farming business in Newton on Ouse in York, currently farming c350 acres of mixed arable and beef.

“We now use Business Manager on farm and have a much more detailed and quality record keeping process as a result. I can separate debtors and creditors, check records against our bank and find errors and omissions quickly which is a great help. I am confident that as I have put data into the system throughout the year I can spot any errors and deal with them quickly.”

Integrated software and technology for an evolving diversified business

Like many farming businesses, the 1,200ha (3,000 acre) Penllyn Estate outside Cowbridge in South Wales has changed considerably in recent years, with farming just part of the overall diversified business.

“The business is constantly evolving,” says owner John Homfray, “but since changing to Farmplan and Business Manager it’s very easy to constantly monitor and call up past financial data. It completely governs the internal workings of the estate and we use it for every facet of the business.”

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