Business Manager Lite

Invoice or cash based VAT accounting with financial business management tools that are easy to use.

Understand your business and enterprise performance

Business Manager Lite provides invoice or cash-based VAT accounting with comprehensive financial business management. Create sales and self-billing invoices, full credit and debt control, business and enterprise cashflow and P & L, trial balance and balance sheet.

Flexible accounting

Handle all transaction types including contras for the ‘nuances’ of agricultural accounting, using either cash or invoice based accounts.

Streamline collaboration

Share information easily, safely and quickly with your accountant or business advisor.

Powerful reporting tools

Get the most out of your data, report on performane, profitability and trends within the business or across differing enterprises.

Business Manager Lite features

  • Business and enterprise gross & net margins
    Allocate all sales, direct costs and overheads to specific divisions or enterprises as required. Produce gross or net margin reports by financial year.
  • Enhanced reporting tools
    Produce Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance alongside a whole host of other essential business reports
  • Stocks Inspector
    Record and view detailed movements of enterprise stocks and stores e.g. seeds, fertilisers and sprays. This means you can always have an up to date view of your stocks.
  • Detailed Costings
    Analyse costs in details and assign them to specific enterprises or areas of the business.
  • Customer and Supplier Ledger
    See which invoices you need to pay and that need paying to you at any time i.e. debtors and creditors.

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