Farmplan Business Cloud

The cloud accounting software package specifically designed for the agricultural community.

Simply smarter farm business accounts software built around you

On the farm or in the office, make your everyday business tasks easier with our cloud accounting package designed specifically to fit the growing needs of farmers and rural businesses. Gain financial peace of mind with the right level of control, and pick the farming software that works best for you. All underpinned by familiar terminology that means something to your business, and all supported by our dedicated and experienced team.

Simply smarter

Designed to automate transactions with simple to use but cleverly designed features, you can reduce entry errors, save time and stay on top of your finances, all in one safe and secure place.

Streamline collaboration

Gain easy access to your latest data to make more informed and timely decisions about your farm’s finances. Remain in direct contact with the whole team, for example your farm secretary and accountant, and share information easily, safely and quickly.

Save time

From seasonal income, to complex VAT rules and contra entries, Farmplan Business Cloud can be accessed any place, anytime, from any Internet device. An automated feed from the bank means that no bank entry will get missed or typed incorrectly.

Farmplan Business Cloud has saved me hours of work, from neatly importing from my existing software to quick updates while I’m on the move. This translates into cost savings for my business. I would highly recommend this product to other business owners.

Damian Barson, Tessleymoor Farming

Here at MTCloud, we are excited to offer the option of a Farmplan Cloud solution. Clients are becoming more tech savvy and looking to utilise the cloud in their businesses. This solution from Farmplan will allow us to collaborate with new and existing clients in a way that historically was not possible. We cannot wait to see how the software continues to develop and we’re looking forward to being part of the journey!

Daniel Coleman, Cloud Accounting Manager at Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants

Farmplan Business Cloud features

  • Multi-user
    You spoke and we have listened! Log in from any device, connect with your whole team, such as your accountant, and share information in real-time.
  • Safe and secure
    Safely and securely invite other users onto the system and allocate different user permissions, whether that’s your internal members of staff or outside of your business, such as your accountant. Feel safe in the knowledge that your data is protected.
  • Automatic feed from the bank
    For smoother management of entering data, Farmplan Business Cloud permits an automated feed from the bank. This will save time as the details will be entered automatically and reduces the potential of data entry errors. You can allocate entries to relevant parts of your business, or they can be set to follow predefined rules.
  • Recurring transactions
    You could flag your monthly payment for your phone bill to let the system automatically categorise it going forward. Or, why not create recurring transactions, such as issuing regular rent demands; set a date, amount and frequency and let Farmplan Business Cloud manage the rest – just some of the many flexible features that create a smooth and seamless control of your business’ finances.
  • Multi-currency
    Capable of working with multiple currencies when invoicing or receiving income from your customers and receiving or paying invoices from suppliers. You can also use bank accounts which are in a different currency to your base currency. Exchange rates are picked up automatically on the relevant date and any currency differences caused by changes in the exchange rate – for example between the original date of the invoice and its payment, are calculated.
  • Automate your processes
    Let the program work for you! Generate an automatic invoice number, set-up automatic email reminders to gently prompt you/your customer when an invoice is outstanding, receive a warning when an invoice is going to exceed a credit limit. Just some of the ways Farmplan Business Cloud is putting you back in control of your finances.
  • Handle contra entries
    Quickly and easily enter a contra entry – a feature we know our customers love and we are proud to offer. A requirement practically unique to the farming sector and rarely catered for in generic cloud software.
  • Farming Activities
    A unique, quick and simple auto-setup, that’s specific to all farm business structures, whether a tradition farm or a company with multiple divisions. Plus as standard, the freedom to edit, add and delete categories.
  • Enterprise management
    Gain greater insight into your business performance to help make smarter data-driven decisions. See the areas performing well and develop a strategy that will benefit your business both now and in the future.
  • Enterprise Tagging
    Enterprise tagging allows you to analyse your enterprises/areas of your business in as much or as little detail as you need. Click here or on the image below to read the 4 ways this could improve your farm’s performance.

Exclusive look at Farmplan Business Cloud in action

Watch our video to take a closer look at the exciting features and functionality Farmplan Business Cloud has to offer.

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Farmplan Business Cloud provides you with regulated account information services as a PSD2 agent of, an authorised payment institution regulated by the under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (Firm Registration Number: 804718) for the provision of payment services, including account information services.