Scottish Beef Suckler Support Scheme 2015

The window for the Scottish Beef Suckler scheme opened on 1st September and closes at the end of December.

We have the option to pick out any animals that qualify and produce a file that can be uploaded on their website.  Unfortunately they have changed the format of the file so the current one no longer works.  It will be fixed in the next release which will be ready in time for next year’s claim.

In the meantime please follow these steps to convert the existing file into the right format.

1. Save the XML file in a known location and take a note of the name – usually it’s sbcs followed by the export date backwards e.g.’sbcs20151223′

2. In Excel got to File / Open & browse to the xml file that was created from the program

3. You will see a couple of warning messages about how to open it and a warning message – just answer OK to both.

4. The resulting spreadsheet will look like this:

BeefSuckler image1


  • You do not want column B – just highlight the whole of column B and delete it
  • You also do not want A1 – the header. Unfortunately you do not seem to be able to delete it so copy (CTRL C) and paste (CTRL V) all the UK tag details into another new spreadsheet from line 2 downwards.


BeefSuckler image2

5. Save this new spreadsheet as a TXT file – ignore the warning

BeefSuckler image3

6. Close Excel
7. Locate the file where it you have saved it and RIGHT click on the file name to rename it – change the .TXT extension to .CSV. It will give you a warning message which you can ignore.

BeefSuckler image4

NB if you cannot see the .TXT extension you will need to change the way it is displayed in Organise – Folder and Search Options – View. Make sure there is no tick in Hide extensions for known file types.

Once you have the file converted you can proceed to the rural payments website and follow their instructions to upload the file; should you need help with this part of the process we would direct you to contact your local office who should be able to help.