Recording a cattle dam ID

The concerns arose after cattle farmers read an article about a farm that underwent a routine trading standards records inspection earlier in the year. During the inspection the farmer was told scanning the barcode on a cattle passport to populate a movement book didn’t download the eartag number of the dam but that his records must include the dam’s eartag number.

The RPA have provided us with the following confirmation: “The recording of the dam ID is only required of the breeder of the animal. Obviously, subsequent owners may also choose to do so, but this would be purely a matter of choice for them and is not compulsory.” The RPA have said enforcement colleagues have clarified this with the relevant local authority.

Cattle Manager software, Cattle Focus software and Livestock Manager software all help you to fulfil your legislative requirements by enabling you to record the dam if you are the breeder. You can also choose to record the dam ID if you are not the breeder.