Are you ready to do the last payroll of the year?

Calling all Earnie Payroll users. As the last payroll run of the year approaches make sure you’re prepared.

Here’s our handy step-by-step guide to take you through the process of completing year end and starting 2017/18 tax year using Earnie Payroll.

Use this checklist if you plan to send your final submissions before you start running payrolls in the 2017/2018 tax year.

Before you start make sure you have downloaded and installed version 1.26 of Earnie. If you need to do this please visit the Earnie Payroll Support Pages here >>

Step-by-step guide to Year End Payroll

Step 1 – Complete payrolls and month processing up to the end of 2016/2017
Step 2 – Issue outstanding P45s for 2016/2017
Step 3 – Check year-to-date NI for Directors if you started using Earnie part way through the tax year
Step 4 – Back up your 2016/2017 data. Use the space below to keep a record of where you saved it and when you did this
Step 5 – Submit your final Full Payment Submission (FPS). If an Employer Payment Summary is NOT required for March, tick Final Submission for Year
Step 6 – Submit your final Employer Payment Summary for Year, if required, to HMRC (Tick Final Employer Payment Summary for Tax Year)
Step 7 – Print or publish P60s and give to your employees by 31 May 2017 – for latest version reselect from Report Library – Miscellaneous if necessary
Step 8 – From the Year-end menu run the Year-end Restart
Step 9 – If your company newly qualifies as a small employer, tick the Small Employer Relief box


Make sure you know about changes to the software and payroll legislation – click on Help and select Update Notes.

Read the full Earnie Year End guide here >>