Same name, new Windows 10

Microsoft built Windows 10 in a very different way from its predecessors. Created to be a serviced operating system, regularly updated with not just fixes, but new features.

People who looked at Windows 10 back in 2015 would have seen a very different looking Windows 10 from today. In years gone ny we may have been awaiting Windows 11’s imminent arrival, but this is no longer the way Microsoft work.

Microsoft have committed to release two major feature updates for Windows 10 every year going forward. Each new feature update building upon the one before, delivering the newest features, more comprehensive security and essentially giving you a new operating system in everything but name.

Microsoft have released four major feature updates so far since 2015:-

  1. November update
  2. Anniversary update
  3. Creators update
  4. Fall Creators update (released October 17th 2017)

Microsoft supports its products for a predetermined amount of time and Windows 10 in its most updated state has guaranteed support for a minimum of 10 years.

The focus on “Most updated state” is important. Devices running the original version of Windows 10 or the November feature updates, have already had support discontinued.

It more important than ever to keep your Windows 10 devices updated. Keep your eye out for our next blog post with tips on how to make sure Windows Updates are working for you.