Managing beef cattle in Scotland: ScotMoves

For those rearing beef cattle in Scotland, new rules around movement records and notification came into effect earlier this year. By using the new ScotMoves system, “the Scottish Government will be able to access data on cattle locations for more accurate tracing of livestock to control and eradicate disease as quickly as possible.”

The new system is also designed to allow you to move cattle within your business without the need to record the movement on the cattle passport.

Summary of rule changes – in a nutshell

  • Linked Holdings are abolished (similar to England) – this applies to all Scottish holdings from now
  • Movements to another holding are not notified via CTS anymore providing the other holding is ‘registered’ by the farmer with ScotEID. Instead the movement between holdings is notified to ScotMoves, in theory via website, phone or electronically and should be done within 48 hours. The farmer must register any holdings he intends to move animals to. These movements are not recorded on the passport.
    N.B. this is not mandatory – farmers can still use CTS but they will be bound by the rules of marking it on passport, register etc so they will normally prefer to use ScotMoves.
  • Farmers may amalgamate all land used within a 5 mile radius to use the same CPH number (similar to new English rules which are within 10 miles).

Births, sales, purchases, deaths will all continue to be recorded through CTS. (They are updated automatically to ScotMoves everyday so that ScotEID know where all stock is being held. This is the first stage towards moving all records to ScotMoves).

Record to ScotMoves with Farmplan
To enable cattle farmers throughout Scotland to adopt this new recording process we have made some important updates to our Cattle Manager program which will enable users to record via ScotMoves and CTS as required. Read more about our latest Cattle software release here.


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