When animals are housed at any time throughout the year, you have the perfect opportunity to collect information about your animals and to monitor areas like health and weight and as a result make informed decisions about feed requirements and treatment plans.

Using software such as Cattle Manager from Farmplan, you can easily record and report on this valuable information to enable you to identify any problems early and address issues quickly and effectively.

When using Cattle Manager, each animal has a record card, this card provides all the information you hold about that animal at a glance. You can view their management and EID tag numbers, Sire and Dam details as well as costings, movement and grazing history, weights and medical history dating back to the day you purchased the animal or it was born onto your Holding.

You’re probably recording a lot of information about your animals, much of it will be for essential legislative requirements but there is much more you can be doing which will help you make better, more informed decisions about how you manage your animals.

Record individual cow and calf weights in suckler herds 

Information, such as weights, is perhaps more easily collected when animals are being moved inside for the winter particularly if using EID equipment. This information can be valuable in monitoring animal health to help you identify any issues, such as illness, early as well as plan feed and nutrient management to ensure animals are maintained through the winter period.

Record growing and finishing cow weights 

Use your data to calculate live weight gain. Cattle Manager will automatically use your weight data to produce reports to illustrate live weight gain over a nominated period of time. These reports can be filtered to enable comparison by Dam or Sire, particularly useful to monitor breeding success. Using information such as lives weight gain you can calculate feed required to meet your expected targets over a certain time frame. An additional bonus is the costings tab available in the animal record card which will enable you to monitor the actual costs associated with feed, housing, bedding and medical treatments for each animal.


Whilst animals are housed for the winter you can take the opportunity to vaccinate animals and treat them against parasites and other ailments. Information about treatments can be recorded for each animal, including batch number, details of treatment and withdrawal period. Cattle Manager can help you produce your Vet and Med Book as required for review by your vet or an inspector.

Record vet visits

Recording the details of vet visits can be invaluable in monitoring what was treated, when and with what. If you’re tackling lameness in your cattle for example, this information can be useful to monitor treatments such as foot care, and record outcomes. In the longer term this information may help you when planning your cattle management and treatment programmes for coming years.


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