Livestock software spring 2016 launch

This spring we’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest Cattle and Sheep management software which includes a whole host of enhancements designed to help users get more from the software and improve how they manage their livestock records.

Here’s a short overview of the new features now available:

  • Enhanced Home Page to provide important information about your animals at a glance such as the latest activities and enhanced warnings
  • Cattle/Sheep Inspector – the number of animals in each category is now shown on the side bar.
  • New Breeding section available from the Side bar with details of each breeding animal and her current breeding status
  • New ‘Put to Sire’ option to record the dates when groups of females are turned out with bulls/rams
  • Redesigned breeding section within Animal Record Card with details of each breeding cycle
  • Treatments – ability to use drugs even if not currently in stock
  • Link to Veterinary Medicine Directorate database to access accurate withdrawal periods and active ingredients
  • Pedigree registration link to Hereford and South Devon Breed societies – cattle

Our development team work closely with our customers to identify opportunities to enhance the software, as part of this process a selected group of customers receive an early version of the program to help us test the new functionality.

As a result, Tim Mallet, farmer in Wiltshire says, “A far superior product, including breeding in the program, better layout, access and functionality. Very happy with this upgrade!”

Sally Ashwell, Product Coordinator adds, “It’s really important that we gather feedback from our customers on the enhancements and changes made to our software, we work closely together to test new features.”

Read more about the features of our Livestock Software here

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