Livestock software link to Tru-Test XR3000 weigh head

Did you know you can use the Tru-Test weigher in conjunction with Cattle Manager, Livestock Manager or Sheep Manager.

The Tru-Test XR3000 allows you to record actions as well as weighings.

Details of a selected list of animals can be sent to the Tru-test weigher along with pre-defined actions from your Cattle Manager, Sheep Manager or Livestock Manager program.

As each animal is weighed you are given the opportunity to select any of the actions according to the options specified on the Tru-Test weighhead.

“You can record up to 3 actions per animal but the exact options will depend on the type of action” says Sally Ashwell, Farmplan’s Product Co-ordinator. “For example an action to put an animal in a batch does not require any additional entry whereas entering a drug treatment may require you to enter the amount of drug used and recording a PD scan result involves 2 entries which are the number of calves and the number of days in calf”.

There is also the option to use the weigh head in conjunction with a stick reader and EID tags.

When back in the office the Tru-Test weigh head can be reconnected to the computer and all recorded details imported electronically into the software program.


Devices and software sold separately.