Network services

Farmplan provide network installation and support services.

Networks enable data/files, printers and internet access to be shared with others in your business. You can control who has access to what information, setting up different access permissions for different members of staff.

Regular, automated backups can be set so there is no risk of forgetting to back up your data.

Storing data on the network means you can also store less on your computer’s hard drive, which could mean your computer runs faster.

If your computer fails then your data, if stored on the network, will still be held on the network. If a hard drive on the network fails the system can automatically switch to another drive so that users can carry on working as normal.

Farmplan can take over support of an existing network, upgrade your system, or provide a complete installation service from establishing your network requirements to sourcing and installing the relevant equipment, setting-up in accordance with your requirements and maintaining on an on-going basis, providing support as needed.

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