Email and web addresses

Farmplan’s email package is the ideal way to send professional, personalised email from your business.

We will provide you with an email address, such as ‘’, including space to upload your very own website.

  • Your own unique domain name will advertise your business name and help you look professional. i.e. rather than or
  • Large mailbox size (1Gb per mailbox)
  • Use your email on multiple compatible devices
  • Majority of junk mail is filtered out of your mail automatically before it is delivered to your PC or mobile device
  • Keep your new address even if you move to another Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Generous web space is available to set up and host your own website
  • Email support is provided through Farmplan
  • Support calls to Farmplan are at the local call rate
  • Buy additional mailboxes as and when required. £20 per year
  • No installation CD required. Manual configuration will be via telephone by a Farmplan engineer
  • Virus scanning is performed before email is delivered to you (*this does not replace the need for antivirus software on your PC)
  • Other suffixes are available as well as .com and i.e. name .org and .info

You must renew your annual support to retain the email addresses and domain names.

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