Agrident AWL 250 Stick Reader


Livestock stick readers can read electronic tags of sheep and cattle.

Farmers can use the readers to record the EID tags, then download those tag numbers into Farmplan flock software, sheep software, cattle software or livestock software when back in the office and allocate a relevant action e.g. movement, treatment etc.

The Agrident AWL 250 stick reader combines all important features in an ergonomic and robust IP 65 housing. Reads all types of HDX and FDX-B transponders, ear tags and bolus compatible. Allows the storage of 100.000 tags plus time-stamp and additional data.

  • Bluetooth
  • Rugged design
  • Time & date stamped sessions
  • Easy to use menu
  • On board memory 100,000 records
  • Alarm to identify individual animals

Prices include Bluetooth. Excludes VAT and carriage. Serial to USB converters may be required.

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