At Farmplan we have a team of dedicated and experienced system engineers who are on hand to support and connect businesses across the UK. Our tech team provide holistic hardware support via annual service agreements covering all hardware and are always available to guide you through the process of sourcing new hardware, and can offer advice on a range of topics, from data connectivity and network installations to data security and software advice.




What support is available from Farmplan?

If you choose Farmplan PC Support we can help you whenever you have a problem with your computer or need to ask a question. We act as your IT support team and can offer a range of features you value most to ensure you’re receiving the cover you want:


  • Telephone support: Expert support who aim to rectify an issue over the telephone. We can also log in to your machine remotely to attempt to fix a problem
  • Repair work: If repairs are required we will arrange for your system to be collected and brought into our fully equipped workshop to be repaired by our trained engineers
  • Quality advice: Practical and down-to-earth advice if you ever wish to add to, enhance or replace your computer system
  • Carriage arrangements: Cost and arrangement of carriage to pick up and return your computer
  • Software restore: We can restore your operating system, drivers and licensed Farmplan software
  • Advice and help with Windows: We can deal with all queries regarding Microsoft software, including Word, Outlook and more
  • Hardware upgrades: So that you may benefit from upgrading your system to meet future demands, we may offer hardware enhancements for which you will be charged only for the component