We provide anti-virus software for home and business users, offering you peace of mind with simple and cost-effective production. With antivirus software from Farmplan, you’ll be ensuring that your Farmplan products, and personal software and computer use, will run as smoothly as possible.



Why do I need anti-virus software?

  • Protection from viruses

    A virus can destroy all of the valued data on your computer, making your computer utterly worthless by infecting and destroying processes vital to your computer’s performance

  • Protecting personal information

    A good anti-virus software will protect you while you surf the internet, preventing hackers from gaining access to personal things such as credit card information and bank account access

  • Convenience

    A computer left open for viruses and hackers will often start to show premature signs of wear and a significant slow down will be noticeable, making normal computing tasks take much longer and causing much more hassle