Using the Cropping Planner

First decide which field records you would like to copy over to the next year, for example you may wish to copy over all of your woodland exactly as it was the previous year. You can then choose which fields to copy across by crop type, so you could decide to copy forward all of your wheat fields but at the same time change some or all of these fields to oilseed rape for the following year.

Alternatively you can copy all fields across to the following year in one go and then amend cropping either individually or by filtering according to crop type to amend cropping for field groups.

Ensure that you are within the Cropping Planner module found within Fields and that you are in the correct season. To add a new season see Manage Seasons.


Use the filter option at the top right of the page to filter by farm, season and crop type for the season(s) which you would like to view and also to filter fields for copying from one season to another when setting up a new season’s cropping.

To select fields 

  1. Click once at the top of a column for the selected year to select all cropped records.
  2. Click again to select all Unallocated fields.
  3. Click a third time to deselect all fields
  4. Alternatively select individual fields by ticking each one separately.

To bring cropping records forward to a new year (recommended method)

  1. Sort fields by category using the Filter option to filter by farm, season and crop type for the season you want to copy from. For example to bring across all your permanent areas of woodland you can filter by selecting “Woodland” under Crop Type.
  2. Tick each of the fields within the new cropping year that you wish to update or alternatively click at the top of the column to select all cropped records.
  3. Select Copy From Previous Season at the bottom right of the page.
  4. Select the season that you wish to copy from.
  5. Confirm.
  6. Repeat steps 1 -5 above amending the filters to sort fields by different crop types, seasons and farms. Express Plus and Advanced users may also filter by business.
  7. Select Clear Filter(s) at any time to remove filters.
  8. Cropping may then be edited as below.

For split fields, select the whole field in the previous year to bring forward cropping for each split and then edit accordingly.

To copy all field records from a previous season to a new season

  1. Select the fields you wish to copy over to the new season by either selecting the tick next to each field or you may select all fields by clicking once at the top of the column.
  2. Select “Copy from Previous Season” at the bottom of the page and the season you would like to copy from.
  3. Select Done.
  4. This will copy forward all cropping and field records.
  5. Cropping can then be amended as below.

Editing cropping records

  1. Select the fields that you would like to edit by selecting the tick box next to each record or by selecting the tick next to the year to select all filtered records for that year.
  2. Select Update at the bottom right.
  3. Amend land use, crop type and variety.
  4. Confirm.

Amending unallocated field records 

  1. Select the field(s) (which will currently show as unallocated) that you would like to amend.
  2. Select “Setup Field” at the bottom right.
  3. Amend the area and add a part field if applicable.
  4. Confirm.
  5. Enter land use:
    1. Crop Production – for a field that is growing a crop for production – for example, wheat or potatoes. Use this option for any crop that will be sold.
    2. Fallow – for a field that is fallow
    3. Other – for a field that is growing something not for production. For example this option could be used for land that is part of an environmental scheme or other land use such as game cover.
  6. Select a crop using the drop down list.
  7. Select a variety using the same method.
  8. Enter any other information required.
  9. Confirm.