Adding a trade – Express

Before you can add a trade, you will need to have added any required trade types. For more information, see Trade types – Express.

To add a trade

From the trading module:

  1. Select + New Trade
  2. Select a trade type
  3. Select a cash trade type (these are the trade types you have added in Setup Trade Types)
  4. If necessary, adjust the stock period
  5. Select a date
  6. If required, enter an additional reference and select or enter a company
  7. Enter a value
  8. Select the tick to confirm

The trade will now be visible in your trading module. To allocate this cost or income to fields:

  1. Select the trade created
  2. Select the ‘Cropping Records’ section
  3. Select the relevant fields
  4. Select the tick to confirm field selection
  5. Select the tick to confirm trade details.

To view a trade in field records

Once a trade is entered against fields, it can be viewed through the field record in the ‘Margin’ section, or in the field gross margin report.

Receipts will appear in the ‘Outputs’ section, and payments will appear in the ‘Fixed Costs’ section.