Stock product pricing

This information is not applicable for Gatekeeper Express users – please see Product pricing.

Within a season, each product has a unit price.

When you add a new product to Gatekeeper, you can enter a unit price. This price will be used in any related records until a trade is added for that product. As soon as a product has trading information entered, the average unit price (calculated from any trades) is used instead. The average unit price cannot be directly edited.

Product pricing in a new season

When you move into a new season, you have the option to carry forward the product pricing information from the previous season – see Manage Seasons.

Editing the opening balance and value

Any stock carried forward from a previous season will have the closing average value of the previous season. To edit this value for the start of a new season, see Editing opening balances.

Making an in season adjustment

To adjust the unit price of a product during a season, see Making a stock adjustment.