Making a stock adjustment

The stock adjustment can be used to change the levels of a product in stock during the season. To adjust the amount of a product in stock at the beginning of a season, you may wish to edit the opening balance instead.

When making a stock adjustment, you can increase or decrease the amount of product in stock.

To make a stock adjustment, from the stock module:

  1. Select the product to be adjusted
  2. Select the ‘Adjustments’ tab of the stock audit section
  3. Select + Adjustment
  4. Enter the required details:
    1. Select the correct adjustment type, depending on whether you want to add to or remove from the stock level
    2. Select an adjustment date
    3. Enter the product value per unit
    4. Enter the quantity to be adjusted
    5. If required, enter a comment to accompany the adjustment
    6. Select the tick to confirm and save

Adjustments can be viewed on the adjustments tab of the stock audit section.