The stock module is only available to Express Plus and Advanced users.

The stock module presents information about the products used in Gatekeeper, including their stock level and unit price.

The levels shown in the stock module are informed by the purchases and sales of the trading module, and the activities recorded in the fields module.

The information shown in the stock module is specific to the growing season that you are in.

The stock module page

The main stock page shows a list of the products in use in Gatekeeper.

The list can be filtered by selecting from the dropdown list, for example to just show fertilisers. Alternatively, the type search can be used to find a specific product; make sure if using the type search that a filter isn’t hiding your results. Advanced customers also have the ability to filter by business.

Selecting a product from the list will take you to the details page for that product.

The product details page

Gatekeeper Advanced customers will have a banner across the top of this page showing which business you are viewing product information for. The business selected can be changed from this banner.

The product details page is split into three sections.

The details section shows the key information about the selected product:

  • This information is populated automatically from the details provided when a product is first set up.
  • If the price displayed is labelled ‘Average unit price’, this value has been calculated from trades where that product has been purchased.
  • If the price displayed is labelled ‘Unit price’, no trades have yet been entered for that product, and you can enter a starting price in the product setup if required.

The quantity balance section shows the product’s activity in the current season:

  • The closing balance is determined by the stock level at the end of the previous season.
  • The opening balance for the current season can be adjusted if required.

The stock audit section displays information about the product’s movement in the current season:

  •  The used tab displays how much of that product has been used, and gives a breakdown of fields, dates, and quantities used.
  • The traded tab displays the amount of a product that has been traded, and gives a breakdown of companies, dates, and quantities traded.
  • The adjustments tab will display any adjustments that have been made.

For more information on moving between growing seasons, see Manage Seasons.

For more information on product unit prices, see Setup Products

For more information on opening balances, see Editing Opening Balances.

For more information on making a trading adjustment, see Making a stock adjustment.