Field record reports

The reports detailed on this page can be accessed through the report icon on an individual field’s record.

Field Audit

This report contains a summary of field information, showing crop, variety, and area. It will also display harvest dates if a harvesting job has been recorded.

It then displays each job that has been recorded against the field, from newest to oldest. Job details include product active ingredients, MAPP number, and LERAP rating, along with the recorded job details.

Field Gross Margin

A summary section shows the crop, variety, drilling date, and area of the field. Details of variable costs, outputs, and fixed costs operation are then displayed, broken down by product type and listing product name, application date, and quantities.

Work Completed

This report lists jobs recorded against the field, ordered from newest to oldest. The details shown are job name, product, date, area, rate, and total quantity. Variable and fixed costs are shown together.

NVZ Report

A summary section shows the map sheet and NG number, crop, variety, drilling date, area, and soil type. The report then lists previous cropping, applications of nitrogen fertilisers and organic manures, with details in both quantity of product and nutrient. If an SNS sample result has been entered against the field, this will also be displayed.

NMax Audit

This report is broken into sections per crop. Applications of nitrogen containing fertilisers or organic manures are listed, with details in both quantity of product and nutrient. For each field, a total amount of nitrogen and rate of nitrogen in kg/ha is displayed. For each crop, a total area, total amount of nitrogen, and average rate of nitrogen in kg/ha is displayed.