Entering work details

Once a job is in the ‘Not Started’ or ‘In Progress’ columns, you can open it to enter work details.

From the Jobs module:

  1. Select the job to open it
  2. Select the ‘Time and Observations’ section for the first field you wish to record
  3. Enter the mandatory information:
    1. Actual area
    2. Completed date
  4. If required, enter any of the optional information:
    1. Start and finish time
    2. Operator
    3. Growth stage
    4. Soil condition and weather observations
  5. If you are completing multiple fields, you may wish to tick the option ‘Go to next field’ before selecting the tick.
  6. Repeat as required. When you have finished entering work details, select the X to close the ‘Time and Observations’ pane.
  7. If required, select the ‘Water’ section to confirm the water rate used.
  8. If required, select the ‘Products’ section and select a product to adjust the total product quantity recorded.
  9. If required, select the ‘HSE Checklist Details’ section and enter required details
  10. If there are fields still to be completed in the job, select the X. Alternatively, if all fields are completed, select Complete Job.

If you select Complete Job while some fields in the job are still outstanding, you will be shown an error message and asked to confirm if you definitely wish to confirm the job.


For information on editing job details, see Editing and Deleting Work.

For information on viewing completed work, see Viewing Completed Work.