Editing and deleting work

Editing ‘Draft’ jobs

Any aspect of a draft job may be edited by selecting the appropriate section and changing the information.

Editing ‘Not Started’ jobs

Once a job has been made ready, two sections become visible at the top of the jobs drawer.

The ‘Summary’ section shows the information that was entered when the job was created, and the ‘Record’ section will show the recorded information about the job.

It is not possible to add edit the Fields, Activity & Equipment, or Products section of the job as shown on the ‘Summary’ section.

It is only possible to edit any of these sections by returning the job to a draft status. This can be done by selecting Draft in the bottom left corner of the ‘Summary’ or ‘Record’ sections. The ‘Draft’ button will only be shown if no work has been recorded against any fields in the job.

Editing ‘In Progress’ or ‘Done’ jobs

The following information about a confirmed job may be edited if required:

  1. Field observations
  2. Actual water rate used
  3. Implement used
  4. Machine used
  5. Product totals

Cancelling a job

A job which has had no details recorded against it may be cancelled. Cancelling a job will move it from its current progress column to the ‘Done’ column, with no work recorded against the fields. The benefit of cancelling is that it gives you the traceability of knowing that the job once existed within your system, but was not carried out.

Gatekeeper Express customers may cancel a job that has been made ‘Ready’ and is in the ‘Not Started’ column of their jobs module.

Gatekeeper Express Plus and Advanced customers may cancel any job that has been made ‘Ready’ but has no work recorded, even if the plan containing this job has moved to ‘In Progress’.

To cancel a job, from the jobs module:

  1. Select the job to open
  2. Select Cancel Job in the bottom right
  3. You will be presented with a confirmation pane – select Confirm
  4. To close out of the cancelled job, select the X

Deleting a job

A job in any progress column may be deleted. Once a job has been deleted it will no longer appear anywhere in Gatekeeper, so you may prefer to cancel a job (see above).

To delete a job, from the jobs module:

  1. Selecct the bin icon visible next to the plan name
  2. You will be presented with a confirmation pane – select Delete