Add a new plan

The ability to add plans is available to Express Plus and Advanced customers.

Express customers, see Add a new job.

A plan is a collection of more than one jobs that are held together in the job module. They are frequently used to group similar jobs together – for example, a ‘T1 plan’ might have a job for wheat fields, another job for barley fields, and a third job for oilseed rape fields.

Adding a plan

From the jobs module:

  1. Select + New Plan
  2. Enter a plan name
  3. Select a plan date
  4. Select the tick
  5. To add the first job into the plan, select + New Job
  6. Follow the steps shown in Add a new job

When you have successfully created your first job, you will be returned to the jobs module. To add another job into the same plan:

  1. Select the plan while it is in the ‘Draft’ column
  2. Select + New Job and repeat as necessary.

Plan status & status indicators

A plan will sit in the status column of its most completed job, but will not move to ‘Done’ until all jobs are completed. So, for example, a plan that contains 3 jobs, one of which is not started but 2 of which are completed, will sit in the ‘In Progress’ column.

To give a quick view on the status of jobs within a plan, click on the right facing arrow next to the plan name. This will display the individual jobs. Each job has four dots, and the progress of the green dots indicates the status of each job.

For information on creating a job sheet, see Creating job sheets.

For information on adding job details, see Entering work details.

The products section will display a LERAP category for appropriate products; for more information see LERAP information.