Add a new job

Adding jobs

From the jobs module,

  1. Select + New Job
  2. Enter a job name (e.g., ‘Barley T1’)
  3. Select the tick
  4. If required, select the ‘Job Summary’ section and enter any of the following:
    1. Job type (see Job Types)
    2. Target date
    3. Advisor
    4. Notes
  5. In the ‘Fields’ section:
    1. Click Select
    2. Select required fields
    3. Select the tick
  6. Select the ‘Activity & Equipment’ section and:
    1. Select an activity type
    2. If required, enter an operator or note
    3. If required, select an implement and/or machine
    4. Select the tick
  7.  In the ‘Products’ section:
    1. Click Select
    2. Select required product(s), using type search if required
    3. Enter product rate(s)
    4. Select the tick
  8. To leave the job as a draft, select the X. Alternatively, to progress the job to ‘Not Started’, select Ready.


For information on creating a job sheet, see Creating job sheets.

For information on adding job details, see Entering work details.

The products section will display a LERAP category for appropriate products; for more information see LERAP information.